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Melanie Thompson

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Blogging

What is blogging?
How/Why is it used?
What works? What doesn't work?
Class Activity
Blog SEO
The Power of Blogging
Helpful Tips
Where do you go from here?
Top 3 Blog Platforms
Used by some of the top bloggers in the world, as well as some large brands like CNN, Mashable, Ford, eBay and Yahoo!
The choice of many individual bloggers, many free plug-ins, widgets & themes.

Popular blogging platform
The most modern of the 3, many Generation Y bloggers use it as their platform of choice

Many beginners prefer it for its ease of use and integration with Google components.
Free templates
Content That Works
: collecting content from a variety of sources & delivering it i an organized fashion
Top Lists
: people
: Find "wow" statistics & condense them into 1 post
Case Studies
: people want to hear about success stories
Vanity Bait
: the more company names or people's names you can include, the better
Hot Topics:
Use tools like StumbleUpon or Twitter trends to determine what stories are breaking out.
: Share relevant videos from YouTube
: Do you like reading a long string of text? NO!
What is it?
Comes from the term web log.
The logging of ones ideas, thoughts and experiences on the web.
Why is blogging used?
Organizations and individuals use blogs to express themselves, advance their brands, drive traffic, and produce sales.
Who can blog?
Kyle Berube
Arielle Mulgrew
Melanie Thompson

Blog Search Engine Optimization
The Power of Blogging
"Before Blogs Die"
Blogs & Businesses
Digital Influences & Blog-lebrities
Helpful Tips
Class Activity
Where Do You Go From Here?
Reference List
Start Your Own Blog
- Ford Fiesta Movement
100 doing 1,000
Gas and insurance covered
Sales Down 44% in 2011
- Carnival Cruises
Costa Concordia & "poop cruise"
Instagrammer Cruise
Brand Revived
- Business Blogging Benefits
Traffic, leads, authority, results
- What are digital influencers?
Social Media Mavens
Power Bloggers
Forum Fanatics
Esteemed Journalists
- Trust in Word of Mouth
- Klout Scores
- Digital Celebrities
Bethany Mota
Perez Hilton
Tyler Oakley
- Mommy bloggers
Dental Buzz
Michelle Phan
Taylor stated that in 2011 the amount of bloggers went up.
Per Person Basis: 6% increase
Bloggers between 46-55: 5% increase
Bloggers between 65-76: 2% increase
The research Taylor found from the Pew Internet American Life Project concluded that those from ages 34 and up are those that are the most likely to blog.
The idea that "blogging is dead" is due to people moving their blogs to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
Ford Fiesta Movement
- http://www.forbes.com/sites/dalebuss/2012/05/02/fiesta-sales-slump-suggests-the-end-of-the-movement/
Carnival Cruises
- http://maximizesocialbusiness.com/carnival-cruise-lines-revives-brand-social-media-10004/
Benefits of Business Blogging
- http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/the-benefits-of-business-blogging-ht
Trust in Word of Mouth
- http://blog.zuberance.com/word-of-mouth-rules/wom-rule-6-brand-advocates-are-5x-more-influential-than-paid-media/

Qualman, Erik. "Chapter 12." Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2009. N. pag. Print.

Ten Commandments of Blogging
- https://mycourses.highpoint.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-338152-dt-content-rid-5005302_1/courses/43779/43779_ImportedContent_20140827084322/42136_ImportedContent_20140107021253/Smith%2010%20commandment.pdf
"Before Blogs Die"
- https://mycourses.highpoint.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-338152-dt-content-rid-5005298_1/courses/43779/43779_ImportedContent_20140827084322/42136_ImportedContent_20140107021253/Taylor%2C%20Before%20Blogs%20Die%281%29.pdf
Opening Your Blog
- https://mycourses.highpoint.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-338152-dt-content-rid-5005299_1/courses/43779/43779_ImportedContent_20140827084322/42136_ImportedContent_20140107021253/Clark%2C%205%20simple%20ways%20to%20open%20your%20blog%20post%20with%20a%20bang%281%29.pdf
Making Your Content Shareable
- https://mycourses.highpoint.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-338152-dt-content-rid-5005300_1/courses/43779/43779_ImportedContent_20140827084322/42136_ImportedContent_20140107021253/Aronica%2C%207%20Ways%20to%20Increase%20Your%20Blog%20Visibility%20With%20Social%20Sharing%281%29.pdf
How to Write the Best Blog Post
- https://mycourses.highpoint.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-338152-dt-content-rid-5005301_1/courses/43779/43779_ImportedContent_20140827084322/42136_ImportedContent_20140107021253/Sullivan%2C%205%20Tips%20for%20Writing%20Quality%20Blog%20Posts.pdf
It's important for your blog to be easy to find on search engines so that they are more likely to be read and shared on social networks.
Key items that will help your blog posts rank high in the search engines:

Create compelling content
Selectively share
Put your main keyword in the title of the post
Make your posts easy to share on social media with "chicklets"
Optimize your blog URL structure (aka make your hyperlinks look pretty)
BAD: www.socialnomics.com/?page_id=4
GOOD: www.socialnomics.com/social-media
Opening Your Blog
Brian Clark states 5 easy ways:
Quote or Anecdote
Make the audience picture something
Analogy, metaphor, simile
An interesting fact
Making Your Content Shareable
Janet Aronica shares 7 helpful tips to gain more traffic:
Popular Posts and Keywords
Find the Hottest Trends
Make the Content Shareable
Take Advantage of the Headline
The Four U's: Useful, Ultra-Specific, Unique, and Urgent
Use All Kinds of Promotions
Make the Content "Tip-Top Shape" Ready
Make the Readers Wait for More
How to Write the Best Blog Posts
Sullivan shares 5 tips in order to write a successful blog:
Research Keywords
Schedule the Topics
Break the Text
Writing Clear and Letting the Facts Speak
Write More than One Part
Ten Commandments of Blogging
Stanford Smith identified the ten commandments of blogging:
Write Every Day
Publish a New Post Once a Week
Create an Email List
Track Every Post
Sell Something on Your Blog
Be Wise When Using Social Media
Make Your Blog Look Great
Make a Call to Action
SEO Will Be Your Best Friend
Blogs are Only a Marketing Tool
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