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Senior Design Presentation

This is the first senior design presentation

Ricardy Nelson

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Senior Design Presentation

Rumana Azad

Ricardy Nelson

Michele Boisrond

Aljbana Djonbalaj

Rudyad Maxwell Traffic Management System Overview • Users will use a mobile application to interact with the system

• System will:

A. Provide alternate route possibility to user when there is traffic

B. Alert user in case of emergency street closures Motivation Market Analysis Tracking Module Components A study on 439 U.S. urban areas (400 000 miles) was done in 2009 by the

Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) that shows the following: Wireless Sensor Network Radio

Magnetic sensors are installed by the road intersection. Collected data to the Intersection Control Agent (ICA) are sent by the sensors.

ICA process the data and controlled the traffic light.


Congestion misdirection
Information Delay Engineering Detail of Arduino Board Engineering Detail of the 3G/GPS Shield Engineering Detail of the Receiver Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB RAM:

The Raspberry Pi has a Broadcom BCM2835 system on a chip , which includes an ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz processor.

Use in the Project:

* Hosts web server/Database

o Host FTP server for data transmission between tracking module and Receiver.

o Permanently stores Data sent from tracking module to database. SIM Card with 3G plan 3G plan with SIM card:

A way to connect both parts (Server & GPS tracking module) together.

Use in Project:

3G offers great speed at low price.

continuous amount of data will be send to server from 3G/GPRS shield. Projected Cost 1) Arduino Decimilia Board: US $29.00

2) Raspberry Pi: US $39.95

3) 2 Shield 3G/GPRS: US $193.00*2=$386.00

4) Sim Card + Plan: US $10 to $20 a month
( depending on carrier)

5) Miscellaneous: US $70

Total: $ 550.00 Thanks You

Questions?? System Overview Value- Added Proposition A system that offers following features:

• Reduce Commuting Time - through redirecting drivers before experiencing traffic Congestion.

• Cost effective- reduce the use of energy (fuel)

• Faster & reliable – since it uses 3G network to send information, data communication is faster

• Dynamic- shows different possible alternate routes and keeps updating over time.

• Ease of Use - at the user end information comes through cell phone/tablet System Design The system is composed of three major blocks:

GPS Tracking Device : Transmits location information to the server via 3G network

Receiver : A micro controller device that receives the information and put into the Database.

Server :

- Formats the information through software

- Produce a result as alternate route/alert for accident

- Send it to the user module through 3G network. Proposed System &
Implementation Stake Holders Vendors:

Arduino vendors:
RS Components, Mouser, Digikey,RadioShack
Raspberry pi:
Adafruit, amazon, mousers
SIM Card Carrier:
AT&T, Verizon or Sprint

Educational Contribution:
The Grove School Of Engineering
(Lab Facility)
Prof. Ibrahim Habib
Prof. Edward Baurin Flow Chart
of the Tracking Module Inductive Loop Detection
Detect vehicles by measuring the vehicle's magnetic field. The detectors count the number of vehicles during a unit of time.

Loops can be placed in a single lane or across multiple lanes.


• The error rate is quite high.

• Maintenance is very tedious.

• Traffic cannot be managed locally
Video feeds from the cameras. The built-in software harvests information from that video.

Information ( vehicle volume, average velocity, etc.) then fed into the fuzzy system. That outputs the level of traffic congestion.


•The overall system is quite expensive.

•The algorithm is not very accurate Flow Chart
of the Receiver Flow Chart
of the Server Flow Chart
of identifying Traffic Flow Chart
of identifying alternate route Introduction Functionality Receiver & Server Components The Arduino Diecimila is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega168.

Application of Device:

* Provides computing capability to 3G/GPS shield.

o Stores decision making codes for 3G/GPS shield.

o Executes Codes and sends instructions to 3G/GPS shield. Specification of Arduino Decimila Board Application in Project:

* Tracking Module Component

o Collects location (Latitude and Longitude) of Bus/Taxi.

* Send GPS data to Arduino Board for analysis.

o Receives analyzed data from Arduino Board. Specification of 3G/GPS Shield Specification of
Raspberry Pi Engineering Detail
of web Server -We will be utilizing Apache, free open source software, to create our web server.

-The Server will be based on HTTP with the FTP. Challenges Faced •Limited number of GPS devices

•Coding to get the required route information

•Sending data over 3G network without system loss

•Getting reliable GPS data Possible Solution • Duplicating the data

• Checking for different possible scenarios in algorithm

• Selecting a close street from the server, to send data over 3G network

• Apply necessary steps to filter data sent via 3G shield. Assigned Roles •Hardware Assembly/Modification-
Rudyard Maxwell, Aljbana Djonbalaj, Ricardy Nelson.

•Raspberry pi Programming for data collection –
Ricardy Nelson, Rudyard Maxwell

•Arduino Programming for Coordinate Transmission-
Ricardy Nelson, Aljbana Djonbalaj

•Creating Web Server-
Rumana Azad

•Android App-
Michele Boisrond Timeline Timeline Flow Charts Main Components Available Solutions

in the Market Video Data Analysis 3G Network As technology continues to evolve

• Our streets are flooded with vehicles

• There arise a great need for a more efficient and reliable system

To help alleviate traffic congestion. Introduction The aim of this project is to:

• Build an Intelligent Traffic Management System

• Capable of redirecting drivers before experiencing traffic congestion. Video Data Analysis Inductive Loop Detection Wireless Sensor
Network Radio Motivation Motivation 3G/GPS Shield Arduino Board Raspberry Pi Model B

*Analyzes received GPS data from 3G/GPS shield.

o Rename Data to improve User readability.

o Compresses and temporary stores the Data.

* Makes project portable and independent.

o Provides power source necessary for shield to work.

o No physical connection to computer needed. Application in Project:

* Sends new Data to remote database via 3G network.

* Receiver and Server components

o Sends traffic data to user’s cellular phones Use in the Project:

* Provides computing capability to 3G/GPS shield.

o Stores decision making codes for 3G/GPS shield.

o Executes Codes and sends instructions to 3G/GPS shield. Application in Project: SCHEDULE* SCHEDULE**
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