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Civil Rights Era

This project will briefly describe the various aspects of the civil rights era and all about how African Americans finally became equals.

Juan Orozco

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil Rights Era

Strategies People Civil Rights Era Organizations Events Civil Disobedience Freedom Rides Montgomery Bus Boycott Sit-Ins During the civil rights era, some people would intensionally disobey the law because the laws supported or had to do with segragation or unequal treatment. A popular aspiration of this was Mohandas karamchan Ghandi. Many of these courages acts would result in beattings, police removal, and killings, but it all was worth it in the end. A Group of civil activtist during the civil rights era would go around in southern states riding on the same bus together to help support the unity of races. These activists were both white and black people. During their rides, however, they were frequently beaten, attacked, mobbed, and sometimes put in life threatenning situations such as having their bus lit on fire. The montgomery bus boycott was created due to the ever-popular case of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat. Her actions caused a mass protest of African Americans, led by Martin Luther King, to refuse to ride buses until the laws were made better. This action finally resulted in the making of the bus equal rights law. a final typical strategy that civil activists would use is the use of sit-ins. what this involved was the act of sitting at a restaraunt that wouldn't serve to a certain race and continue to sit there till they agreed to serve you. This act also resulted in alot of mobbing, attacks, and commonly the people doing the sit in were arrested, NOT the people attacking them. Lyndon Johnson Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa Parks Malcolm X Black Panthers KKK NAACP Nation Of Islam Martin believed in a non-violent protest that called for doing things such as protesting. him and malcolm X are exactly alike in the way of getting everyone to
have equal rights but were completely different in methods. Martin believed in non violence while malcolm believed in "an eye for an eye". Johnson was the 36th president of the united states served after john f kennedy's assassination. Johnson convinced congress to pass an anti-segragation law that banned the use of segragation in public affairs. This helped lead the way to a better and brighter future. Malcolm was an african american activist that took harsher routes for dealing with segragation. Malcolm's motto was "an eye for an eye" meanning he wanted to do everything to racists, that they were doing to him and other African Americans. He was later assassinated by a fellow KKK member. Rosa was an ordinary citizen who decided one day, after a long day of work, that she was much to tired and was sick of having to move to the back of the bus for whites. Her action for refusing to give up her seat led to the montgomery bus boycott. This later resulted in the desegragation of buses. the KKK or "Ku Klux Klan" was a racial hate group that supported segragation and believed white Americans to be the dominate race. They use acts of violence and intimidation in hopes to try to stop the spread of equality. The KKK still exsists today, only in fewer numbers. This anti-racism group was found in Oakland, California. The two founders were Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton. This activist group become very popular and famous through their involvement with the Black Power movement, and getting involved in US politics. The NAACP or "National Association for the Advancement of Colored People" was an orgainization that worked to better the rights for the colored community. They wanted for colored people to gain rights such as: politcal freedom, stop segragation, and stop discrimination. The nation of islam was an organization that thought the best possible solution for the hate crimes being commited against whites and blacks was to completely seperate races all together. This ment they wanted entire communities seperating black and white people. Malcolm X was extremely involved in this and become a well respected leader. Voting Rights Act of 1965 Civil Rights Act of 1968 Little Rock Nine White Flight This is the term that was used to describe the event that took place after the "Brown vs. Board of Education" case. African Americans were allowed to move into higher level classed homes. So in return whites refused to live near them and began to move. 9 African American children were the first to intergrate a highschool located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Angered parents, children, and even the police refused to allow them to intergrate. So later, president Eisenhower ordered U.S. troops to escort them inside the building and to guard them. This was a federal law that was made to stop the sale, rental, and financing limited to certiain people based on race, religion, or national origin. This act was used to stop the requirement of passing a literacy test in order to vote. This especially helped the African American community because they were the only ones who were even given this test.
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