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Articles: a, an, the

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Rob Lugge

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Articles: a, an, the

Objectives: Students will identify and use the articles
a, an, and the in sentences and in paragraphs they write Articles: a, an, the Rules Articles are special adjectives. The three articles
a, an, and the are used before nouns. Use a or an to refer to any one item in a group. Use the to refer to a specific person, place, or thing. the Article Egypt is ____ wonderful country that is the site of _____
ancient civilization . _____ amazing sight in Egypt is _____ Nile
River. It stretches for more than 4,160 miles through _____ African
continent. That makes _____ Nile _____ world's longest river. Do you know that ___ river can flow south to north? That's what _____ Nile does, ending up at _____ Mediterranean Sea. My family and I enjoyed ___ wonderful boat ride on _____ river.

We found an artifact from a pyramid during the tour of Egypt. Use a if the next word starts with a consonant sound Use an if the next word starts with a vowel sound A pyramid is an attraction for many tourists. Use the before all plural nouns The people of ancient Egypt built the pyramids. Used before words Examples a an that name or refer to a
specific item or items the famous king
the egyptians that begin with a
consonant sound a country
a great even that begin with a vowel an amazing tour
an hour a an An the the the the a the the a the Besides this great river, my family and I visited ___ pyramid outside of
_____ capital city of Cairo. The pyramid was built by Cheops, ___
pharaoh of ancient Egypt, it is ___ awesome sight to see pyramids from rise from the Gizah, ___ desert area outside Cairo.

To me, though, the most interesting thing I saw was _____ Sphinx.
The Sphinx is ___ large statue of stone that looks part lion and part human. the a a an a the a
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