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Save Precious Time - Use the Library

No description

Christine Tracey

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Save Precious Time - Use the Library

Save Precious Time
Use MC Libraries
Campus Library Locations
Germantown Campus
Rockville Campus
Takoma Park/Silver Spring
Faculty Service Librarians
Welcome New Faculty!
Library Website
Library Catalog
Reserve Services
Course reserves provide access to course readings and materials for the educational programs at MC.

They are print or electronic materials selected by faculty for use in a specific course.

Reserves allow students equal access to assigned instructional materials.

Reserve materials can include books, book chapters, textbooks, journal articles, maps, old exams, videos, professor notes, and homework solutions necessary for course work.

Consider using this service to benefit your students. A handout and a form on the process is enclosed. Simply return the completed form with your materials to your campus library's circulation desk.
Library Collections
•260,000 Print Books

•950 Print Periodicals (Journals, Magazines, & Newspapers)
•42,000 E-Periodicals
•125 Databases
•4.6 million Historical and Current Events Photographs
•1.4 million Art Images
•3,000 Music Scores
•650,000 Sound Files
•200 Library Course Pages & Research Subject Guides
•Special Collections (Archives)
•10,000 Streaming E-Videos
17,000 E-Books
Collection Development
Each department has one faculty member who is their library liaison. Or you can contact a librarian directly.

Let us know of either specific titles that will be useful to your students or of subject areas that you plan to focus on in future assignments.

If you submit a reading list and syllabus the Libraries will make every effort to acquire the materials requested.

The libraries welcome faculty suggestions for books, films, periodicals, and databases. All contact information is provided in your packet.
By Subject
A-Z List
Search Title
Current Students, Faculty and Staff may access the Library Databases off campus by providing a complete M# from your campus ID when prompted.

You can provide permanent links to articles for your students to view. Each database vendor has different names for this: ("permalink" / "bookmark" / "copy link"). Some links may require you to insert the MC proxy server information preceding the link for off campus access. There is a handout included to illustrate the process.

Search strategies and best practices on using the databases can be obtained by meeting with a librarian 1x1, attending a library sponsored professional development workshop, or attending library instruction sessions with your class. Contact a faculty services librarian for more information.
Using the Databases
Library Instruction session designed just for your class!

Library Tutorials
Library Course Pages
Develop an Effective Research Assignment

Library Instruction
1. Schedule an instruction session for your students that a librarian will teach.

2. Submit the Campus Library Instruction request form 10 working days in advance of the date you would like the session.

3. It is best to have already given your students the assignment and that they already have a topic in mind for the instruction session to be most effective.

4. Plan to attend the instruction session with your students or arrange for a substitute to be present. It is important that someone be there to answer questions specific to the class and/or assignment.

5. Most library instruction sessions are structured to allow students time to begin their research at the end of the class, with the librarian available to give individual assistance.

6. The sessions address these topics: evaluating information, overview of the MC Libraries, finding books and more, finding articles, using specific databases, developing good search strategies, using information ethically.
Work with a Librarian to create a customized page to support a research assignment.
Distance Education
The library can provide similar instruction on research skills for online students.

We can conduct an online webinar using Blackboard Collaborate through your campus site, and it can be recorded.

Another option is to request a librarian role in Blackboard that would allow you to give a librarian the ability to post materials and respond to discussion boards in your course site.

Many of the library resources are electronic and therefore available 24/7. Off campus access requires a current M#.
Professional Development
Free E-Resources
Copyright Information
Resources for Educators
Who's Who @ MC Libraries
Lisa Clarke
Niyati Pandya
Jennifer Hatleberg
Takoma Park/SS
Collection Development
Metta Lash
Beth Thoms
Richelle Charles
Takoma Park/SS
Electronic Resources
Nancy Nyland
& Periodicals
Abi Sogunro
& Audio Visual
Beverly Lehrer
& Periodicals
Takoma Park/SS
Alex Moyer
Del Hornbuckle
Sarah Fisher
Takoma Park/SS
Campus Library Managers
Archives / Social Media
Shelly Jablonski
Maisha Duncan
Social Media
Takoma Park/SS
Randy Hertzler
& Periodicals
Mark Miller
Takoma Park/SS
information access...
Tanner Wray
Director of College Libraries and Information Services

Josephine Trawick
Administrative Aide
Brenda Braham
Electronic Resources & Web Technologies

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