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No description

chloe knutsen

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Inkheart

INKHEART The genre of this book is fantasy. This genre has great appeal to me because I am free to use my imagination the way I want too. And this book has a lot of descriptions for me to do so. Meggie: Meggie is a fun, brave girl who loves reading books and loves her dad, Mo, very much. She really wishes that she could have her dad's gift of reading things out of books. She plays a very important part in the book, and she is a main character. Main Good Characters Genre Mortimer: He has two different nicknames,
Mo and Silvertongue. Characters from books
call him Silvertongue(because they think he is a magician) and Meggie calls him Mo. Mo loves to read books and fix book bindings. He will do anything to keep his friends and family from harm. He is very kind, loving father and usually lets the emotions he has show on his face. He is part of the reason they are in trouble. Dustfinger: Dustfinger is brought to life from the book "Inkheart". He loves playing with fire and entertaining
people. Dustfinger isn't a very trustworthy person all the time. At first he helps Capricorn, kidnap Mo, Meggie, and Elinor. Then, when he realize how Capricorn breaks a promise he made, he sort of starts helping Mo again. He desperately wants to go back to old life and hates our world. Dustfinger also carries a ferret, named Gwin, around with him. Elinor: Elinor is Meggie's great aunt. She loves collecting
and reading books and has a very strong attachment to her books. She gets tangled up in the mess Mo is in, when Mo asks her to protect the book, "Inkheart." She is a headstrong woman. Fierce, protective, and she has a big temper. Farid: Farid is a character brought out of the book "Tales From the Thousand and One Nights." Farid is about 12 years old and was once a servant for thieves. He loves hanging around Dustfinger and loves learning fire tricks. He comes up with many resourceful ideas that help Meggie, Mo, Elinor, Fegnolio, and Dustfinger out. Fenoglio: Fenoglio is the author of the book "Inkheart."
He is a grandfather and a kind, stern man. He is the only one that knows all the character's weaknesses from "Inkheart." He must help fix the ending of this new story before it is too late. Resa: Resa is a servant of a bad guy named Capricorn. She isn't in the story until near the end or the story. Main Bad Characters Capricorn: Capricorn is a character that
Mo has read out of "Inkheart." Capricorn is
the main character in "Inkheart," and he has a
black heart,(hence the name INKheart).
Capricorn enjoys playing with fire, thirsts after power, and enjoys how easy it seems to get it in our world. Capricorn can read and write, but very poorly. Basta: Basta is Capricorn's main man.
He is extremely afraid of fire. He loves
Capricorn like a father and will do
anything he wants, just so he can please
Capricorn. He enjoys terrorizing people. Basta cannot read or write, other than his name in all caps. Flatnose and Cockerell: Flatnose and Cockerell
are some if Capricorn's other henchmen. All of
Capricorn's men are called crows because they
always wear black. These men love terrorizing
people and always assist Basta in doing so. Mortola: People call her "The Magpie." Mortola also is secretly Capricorn's
mother. But very few people know that. She
has a heart as black as her son's. She is very bossy and evil. She enjoys finding faults in Basta and threatening people. Shadow: Shadow is Capricorn's only friend.
He will do whatever Capricorn asks him to
do. Often times it is to kill Capricorn's enemies.
He is still stuck in the book "Inkheart," and Capricorn wants to have him read out of the book. Shadow is very powerful and immortal creature. He is made of ashes and fire. And if he comes into our world, Capricorn will win the battle and have complete control over everyone. Connections while reading. Text to Text: It was text to text because
at the beginning of each chapter the
author put a little clip of a book or poem
that went along with the book. And the
characters in this book read lots of books,
which sometime pertain to the plot in
the book. Text to Self: This book was a text to self because I was able to connect with the main character, Meggie. I connected with her because she enjoys reading books as much, (if not more) than I do. Rating: Intended Audience: I think this book is intended for kids from 7 grade and up. I think some adults would like this book as well. People who like fantasy, magic, and long-reads will really like this book. I give this book a four out of five stars. I give this book only four stars because the language in the middle and at the end of the book got a little dirty. Other than the language problems, I really liked the book. The author kept my interest and it was always hard to put the book down. Summary Setting and Main Conflicts: The setting is in the 21st century. It also takes place in Elinor's house, Capricorn's village, Fenoglio's house, and the hotel that Mo, Meggie, and Elinor stay at for a little while. Meggie is a 12 year old girl living with her father, Mo. Everything seems normal, until a man named Dustfinger appears at their door. Old secrets are revealed and Meggie learns that her father has a gift of reading objects and people out of books. Mo didn't realize this until he bought the book "Inkheart," and read it out loud to Meggie's mother. All of a sudden, Dustfinger, and two men named Capricorn and Basta, appeared in Mo's living room. He was able to get the men out of his house and found his wife missing. Reading a person or an object out of book comes with a price, when someone or something comes out of a book, someone from our world must go into that book's story. And Meggie's mother was chosen that time. As time goes on, Mo has tried to keep it all a secret, but Capricorn is an evil man and thirsts after power. He and his fellow henchmen are trying to steal the book, "Inkheart," bring one more evil character out of it, destroy the book afterward, and control our world. Mo tries to hide the book in the house of his wife's aunt's (Elinor) house, but gets kidnapped. Meggie and Elinor both go on a quest to find Mo, but are tricked by Dustfinger,(who truned in Mo) and get captured as well. Mo is forced to read a few things out of some books, and in the process brings a boy named Farid into our world. Together Meggie, Mo, Elinor, Farid, and Dustfinger must find the author of the book "Inkheart" so he can help stop Capricorn. Can they do it? Do they win or do they become Capricorn's slaves forever? Read to find out! Conflicts: Mo accidentally reads Capricorn and Basta into our world. Mo, Meggie, and Elinor get captured by Capricorn. Capricorn wants Mo to read his friend, the Shadow out the book "Inkheart." And Meggie wants to have her father's gift of reading creatures out of books, but having that gift is kind of risky and that gift started the problems they all are in. Main Idea I think the main idea is to work together and never give up. Pictures:
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