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No description

Rasmus Rasmussen

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Team4Baker

Can we make the merger profitable in 1 years time?
Do we want to keep the brands separate?
Can Zipcar and AVIS combine positive aspects of their customer service?*
Should Zipcar change their operations?
*to gain profit and market share
Work Plan
- Customer research on the preference
AVIS loyalty program?
- AVIS customer research & Zipcar customer research
Zipcar in airports?
- Research of how many Zipcar users would use this
Helping Bob and you!
How do we make this work?
Keep the brands separate?
Traveling sales person
EMBA student
Logo on Zipcars?
- How else to market it? And does it mean anything to the customer?
Change operations?
Change drop-off policy?
- Customer research
- Cost effectiveness
Change petrol policy?
- Look at profitability
Change mileage policy?
- Determine how much the average customer drives
Adopt AVIS insurance policy?
- Look at AVIS profit's from insurance
What does Bob care about?
What will help Bob - and the company
Can it help to combine customer service?
Lifetime membership?
Have OnStar-type of service on cars?
- Determine user frequency
- Look at cost implementation
How can we create answers as quickly as possible?
Expected findings
Team4Baker Consultants
- your way forward
- When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, people don't prefer self-service model
- Customers would prefer AVIS loyalty program
- Customer base for airports would be big
- IF Zipcars could be delivered elsewhere

- Zipcar would benefit from enabling different drop-off points
- Changing petrol, mileage and insurance policy will lower expenses
- Making the membership more flexible and improving customer service will raise customer base
Maintain Zipcar as a urban brand
Implement Zipcar in airports
Integrate AVIS loyalty program
Offer different ways of being a member (no yearly fee)
Drop the policy of free petrol
Change drop-off policy
Mr. Moreira
Ms. Estrada Finance
Mr. Rasmussen
Sales analyst
Mr. Patel
Ms. Torres
Customer relations
Mr. Vasilev
Product research
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