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The Road to Fast Start

No description

Katy Clarke

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of The Road to Fast Start

The Road to Fast Start
How to rock your very own Younique business
Right out of the gates, before you even get your kit... start your party and spread the excitement!
Here is a great YouTube that shows you how to set up your party on the Younique site AND as a Facebook event!
Start a Lash Bash!
Read all files in Lash Long and Prosper.
Read all files in No Lash Left Behind.
Read through Younique website.
Learn about Direct Sales (books and websites). If you are like me, I knew nothing about the Direct Sales life. Now I love it!
The Younique Compensation Plan:
Educate Yourself
Write down a list of 100 people (#1)
Get 4 "no's" a day - learn to not take "no" personally! No may eventually change to maybe and then to YES! (#122)
Use the three C's to sponsor (#71)

Start Growing Your Team
As bad as I want you to succeed, I can't do it for you. The motivation has to come from within YOU. Take advantage of your upline and ask questions! However, those that succeed will be "go-getters" and search until they find the answer they need!

Work Your Business!
Get Your Purple Debit Card!
Learn Your Back Office!
Once you receive your first commission, Payquicker will send you an email prompting you set up an account with them. Once royalties hit $50, there was a link on Payquicker to "request a card."
*These files are under No Lash Left Behind.
Get OVER the "no's!"
Don't stop there!
Go GREEN in 11 weeks!
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