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Camilo Garzon

on 20 January 2014

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Main Economic Activities:

Tourism, Logistics, Petrochemical, Construction Supplies, Atlantic Export Platform.
Main Economic Activities:

Manufacturing, Agribusiness, Logistics,
Biotechnology, Pacific Export Platform.
Main Economic Activities:

Outsourcing services, High Value Added Manufacturing,
Hub to Cover Domestic Market, Specialized Agribusiness.
Main Economic Activities:
Agriculture, Forestry, Biofuels
Main Economic Activities:
Conservation, Ecoturism (Leticia)
Main goods exported to the world
Main goods exported to The Netherlands.
Main goods imported from The Netherlands
Are emerging as attractive destinations for investors and they will report an increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 4.5% in the next 20 years. Even above the estimates growth for the G7 countries that would be 1.8%.

Holland House Colombia
Asocars- Water Management
Transport Infrastructure
Water Day
Missions & Fairs Trades.
Main Partnerships in The Americas:
These countries are favored for several reasons:
-Diverse and dynamic economy
-Young, growing population

The CIVETS countries all have in common:
1) They have great variety of exports
2) Their economies consist mostly of primary products and natural resources
3) They have geostrategic locations
4) And in the past five years foreign direct investment has increased considerably.
The economies that are part of this group are considered to be very promising because they have reasonably sophisticated financial systems, controlled inflation, and young populations.
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