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Crossfire Co.

MikesBikes Simulation

Tasha Baziuk

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of Crossfire Co.

Timeline Positives Negatives HIGHEST SHAREHOLDER VALUE

Improved Supplier Relations

Repaid Debt

Negatives Negatives Negatives Negatives Negatives Negatives Negatives Positives Positives Positives Positives Positives Positives Positives Crank Cycles Inc.
Pedalphiles Softride Inc. Team RamRod Crossfire Co.

Production Cycle Time

Increased Profit After Tax

Cash from Sales

Purchased Plant
High Idle Time (23%)

Finished Goods Stock

Reduction in Idle Time

Developed 3 New Models

Managed Cash Flow

Shareholder Value Decreased

Market Share Decreased

Dragon Bicycle

Finished Goods Stock

Warranty Claims

Employee Morale
Sales Increased

Repurchased Shares

Advertising Expenses

Employee Morale (Salary Increase)

Reduction in Idle Time
Economic Value

Bicycle Prices

Brand Awareness

Cash Increased

Profit After Tax

Economic Value

Dividends Issued

Demand Increased

Decreased Retail Margins

Idle Time

Market Share



Decreased Retail Margins

Brand Awareness

Idle Time

Finished Goods Stock

Brand Awareness

Profit After Tax

Shareholder Value Decreased

Re-work Increased

Idle Time (None)

Profit from Operations

Re-work Decreased

Market Share

Finished Goods Stock

Shareholder Value Fell Below Team RamRod

Competitive Rivalry



Drastic Cost Reduction

Market Share Dropped



Profit After Tax

Store Suppliers

Brand Awareness

Team RamRod Crossfire Co. VS. Team RamRod's Victorious (but not until the final round!)
... Poor Crossfire Co... 2015 2016 2017 2010 2012 2014 2016 2017 2015 2013 2011 What went wrong?
(The Rise and Fall of Crossfire Co.) Advertising Market Followers Excessive Capacity Dividends A Lesson Learned! Early Market Entry Cash Available - Dividends Advertising Plant and Human Resource Utilization Tasha Baziuk
Peter Beniamin
Gursharn Parmar
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