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Image Resolution

No description

Mrs. Russell

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Image Resolution

It's the quality of image's output measure.
It can be a physical object or a visual object.
The measurement of how closely the lines can be resolved inside of an image.
Spatial Resolution
The monitors show pixels.
-pixels per inch (ppi)

The printers print out dots.
-dot per inch (dpi)
Image Resolution
describes the details and clarity of the image
the higher the resolution the more image detail
when you resize an image the computer either fills in or throws out data that is calculated from the pixels around
image resolution can be measured in multiple ways
Pixel resolution is the pixel count in the digital image.
Pixel Resolution
If an image with N pixel high and M pixels wide it can have any resolution that is less than N lines per picture height.
It is when you increase the screen area, then the pixel size decreases but the pixels are more dense.
Screen Resolution
Resample is when the computer calculates the pixels and it either gets rid of or adds more pixel as needed. If you don't resample then the density of the pixels change while the pixels stay the same.
If you higher the image size pixels are added.
If you lower the image size pixels are taken away.
Cameras use megapixels. It is how much pixels the camera can produce.
Megapixels are made-up of 1 million pixels.
How many megapixels you need will depend on the size of picture you want to print.
The sharpness or clarity of an image
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