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Conformity Prezi

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Abbie S

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Conformity Prezi

Finally In Asch's experiment, 1/3 were of the volunteers of yielders even though they knew the group was wrong

Independents are able to act alone in a group.

The number of yielders were very small when one person answered correctly

In our society, it is more important to be socially accepted than to be right. What is it? Conformity To adapt one’s attitudes to fit another’s attitudes
Usually out of peer pressure because we want to fit it.
We want to be acceptable, and acceptable is usually what most people do, i.e., the norm. Why? Society generally dictates at some level uniformity. that we should all be relatively similar. we see this so much from each other and media we do it, often without realizing it. Examples? The Asch Experiment Who? Almost every human being adapts to what we know as the norm. Others that go against the "norm" are often called "independents". They operate on their own standards against what others do. It is not uncommon for them to be outcasts to most people. Another example you may ask?
Fashion. Why fashion? because If people thought it was normal to wear things like these,

and this,

there must have been some conformity going on. When is the last time you jumped up on a train and sang "Colors of the Wind" in front of people? Asch brought in a team of confederates and a volunteer. He put up a card and had them answer questions about the lines. At first everyone answered correctly, then the confederates answered wrongly while the volunteer answered the question correctly. From then on if the volunteer answers correctly, he was called "independent". If he changed his answer, even though he knew it was wrong for the purpose of matching the others, he was a "yielder". Conformity to Many People will act differently in a group than alone

Sometimes others are riskier or conservative in a group

Called "Mob Mentality" or "Group Thinking" By Abby Scaffidi
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