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ITLS6520 - Advantages and Disadvantages to an LMS

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Transcript of ITLS6520 - Advantages and Disadvantages to an LMS

Advantages & Disadvantages to using
Learning Management System's Lesson Objectives By the end of this lesson, the learner should be able to identify five disadvantages to using a Learning Management System. By the end of this lesson, the learner should be able to identify 5 advantages for using a Learning Management System. Objective #1: Objective #2: Advantage #1: Advantage #2: Advantage #5: Advantage #8: Advantages Flexibility Advantage #3: Advantage #6: Advantage #7: Advantage #4: When built properly, an LMS can promote greater opportunities for collaboration among students and faculty. Can enhance existing pedagogical/institutional structures/practices. When designed properly, an LMS can involve the learner in the six stages of Bloom’s taxonomy. An LMS is reusable and extendable, thus reducing costs and redundancy. Can increase enrollment by promoting niche degrees or by engaging non-traditional students. Ability to track and record learner performance data. When used properly, an LMS can streamline instruction time, allowing teachers to focus on individual students. Disadvantage #1: Disadvantage #2: Disadvantage #5: Disadvantage #8: Disadvantages Tendency to focus on the technology and not the student. Disadvantage #3: Disadvantage #6: Disadvantage #7: Disadvantage #4: Staff, Faculty, & Student learning curve. The need for more training. Can stifle creativity and innovation by limiting assessment and content delivery methods to a few types of activities, etc. Customer support can be challenging, especially for smaller institutions. System failures can wreak havoc. Challenging for an LMS to replicate the on-campus environment. Can potentially create a problem of course ownership and responsibilities Infrastructure costs may outweigh return. What's Next Short quiz on the advantages and disadvantages of using a Learning Management System.
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