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Son of Killer Apps

Baby Steps to Innovation

Sajit Thomas

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Son of Killer Apps

Esri Developer Summit | 2013 Baby Steps to Innovation "Killer Apps promotes violence and hatred towards some technologies." Professional Athlete
@lancearmstrong Solution Architect | Services
@mraad UX Architect | Corporate Sales
@SpatialAgent Sajit Thomas Mansour Raad Lance Armstrong - The Silverlight Team TV
@SpatialAgent Sajit Thomas Mansour Raad Big Huge ...because size matters Scarface Say hello to my little friend A Type WTF 2.0? Failure is not the worst outcome, mediocrity is. ...getting emotional about big data Mind Map Mapping the personality of an app Personality Creep The Developer behind the app The Underdocumenter Developer Personality Type 1: Relationship Status: Living with same person for 15 years without filling out marriage forms Role Model: Guy who hid the Ark of the Covenant before "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Vehicle:
Vespa Drink:
Anything with XXX on the bottle The Cutting-Edge Coder Developer Personality Type 2: Relationship Status:
Casual and seeking upgrade Role Model:
Q Vehicle:
Concept car or device Drink:
Anything small-batch and handcrafted The Future CIO Developer Personality Type 5: Relationship Status:
Still stalking the boss's daughter Role Model:
Steve Jobs Vehicle:
Expensive lease Drink:
Whatever the CEO is drinking The True Believer Developer Personality Type 3: Relationship Status: Married to the one who should have led the homecoming parade Role Model:
Creator of technology Vehicle: Anything with a sticker showing Calvin peeing on the competition Drink:
It's tattooed on their arm The Duct Taper Developer Personality Type 4: Relationship Status: Nothing a little counseling cannot fix Role Model:
Tim Taylor from "Tool Time" Vehicle:
Frankentruck Drink:
Sterno Cooking Fuel The CYA Specialist Developer Personality Type 6: Relationship Status: Married,
with 48 page prenuptial agreement Role Model:
Wikipedia Editor of the Year Vehicle: Anything with
Chilton Manuals Drink:
Triple-filtered water Porngeography It's like real geography ...only better Reviews Your chance to inflict pain You are all Killers Now go change the world Minority Report Killing with your bare hands Source: Peter Wayner | InfoWorld + + + = Pick Data Carefully Analyze Sexy UI Compelling
Visualization 50 Shades of Gray Killer Apps Killer Naps Killer Technology Born to be compiled } { [ ] * Intro Hello
World wrap http://esriurl.com/survey Offering ID: 251
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