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"E-portfolios for learner and teacher development"

A SEETA course http://www.seeta.eu

sirin soyoz

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of "E-portfolios for learner and teacher development"

E-portfolios, SEETA 2013
What is an e-portfolio?
A creative means of organizing, summarizing, and sharing artifacts, information, and ideas about teaching and/or learning, along with personal and professional growth
An online collection of documents, ideas, publications, thoughts, works, products and dreams
A way for teachers to find out more about student
Why e-portfolios?
Process: It allows to see the process
Pacing: It makes the work adequately paced
Product: It makes the media more varied and motivating
Practice: It allows the development of all skills
People: Users engage with e-portfolios and with each other
PDP: It allows personal development planning
Progress: It gives the opportunity to set goals, record progress and collect different kind of artifacts
Key Skills
Reflective Practice
ICT skills
Giving and receiving feedback
Lifelong learning
What can be shared?
Work experience, assignments, presentations
Learning diary, papers
Awards, certificates, achievements,
Interests, talents, personality
Evidence concerning academic evolution, development plan
Peer observation, learner feedback, self-assessment
Documents, multimedia e.g. image, text, audio, video
E-portfolio tools
"There is no need to carry it, as in a folder, it can be viewed by wider audience, and is not static”
"Sometimes I find it difficult to explain to colleagues what exacty I do online. A link to my e-portfolio helps.
Thank you
The content here is a collection of participants' reflections on "e-portfolios for teacher and learner development" course by the SEETA Community
The future demands skilled, digitally-aware learners with the capacity to participate in learning throughout their life, using technologies of their own choosing.
"Learning Literacies in a Digital Age: JISC, 2009)
Social networking tools-Shared document creation tools-Blogs-Micro blogging-Presentation tools-Video-Audio-Animation-Text-URL-Image creation tools-Social bookmarking-Screen Recording-Mobile-Mind Mapping-Digital Storytelling.

"E-portfolios are not discrete, they are part of a system" Becta, 2008
E-portfolios can be difficult to define. Here are different metaphors that we can think of to describe e-portfolios and their purposes:

A footprint of what you have done. It can be spotted or missed
A patchwork, a collection of bits and bobs which in the end can tell a story/ give a picture into the person's mind.
An identifier which shows where you are and how much work you need to reach your goal.
A marker that show what you did, where you are, how you can arrive to your goal.
A ladder is progressive and purposeful
A tree with branches out in so many directions with work, thoughts, ideas, sketches and words.
A self-portrait which the painter "paints" his/her soul, inner emotions on the canvas.
A bit like building a house - you keep adding new floors and putting new bricks into the wall.
A house which can be situated wherever you want and can contain any number of doors and windows
A net which makes connections between several important moments in our life/ learning
A big circus in which there are a lot of people practising very hard to present a wonderful show
A garden where you can grow your own flowers
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