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Business Plan

No description

Mr Hudson

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Business Plan

What is a

What is business Plan?
Company/Organization Overview
Industry Analysis
Financial Plan
Executive summary
to give the reader

quick understanding
of the business
to capture the reader's
Mission and Vision
What information
should be included?
The industry environment
The market environment
The special and unique business opportunity
The key strategies for success
The financial potential
The management team
The recourse or capital requested
Operational Budget
Manufacturing costs (materials and labor)
Merchandise purchases (office supply)
Selling expenses
General and administrative expenses.
Type of Business
Type of Service/Product
What do you serve and what is your uniqueness?
Capital Budget
For a
Capital Project
Construction of new facility.
Equipped the new technology on the site.
Renewal facilities.
Provides new program or new activity.
Operational Budget
Capital Budget
Creating new playroom
Paints the wall
Purchases desks, chairs, toys, book and etc.
Estimated incomes
Examination fees
Donations from children's parents
Estimated expenses
Medical supplies and office supplies
Salaries for staff
Market Analysis
Who are you serving?
* age
* gender
* income
* family
* place
* education level
* race
Demographic DATA
to explain
Why is important and beneficial
to provide services
for your target population?
Psychographic DATA
General Census
What service are you going to provide?
How much does it cost?
What is your idea,
plan and goals?

Who are you going to serve?
What is your uniqueness?
Business type
Definition of Business plan
*Be clear and concise!
Executive summary is
the first page of business plan,
the last part
to be written.
Two pages
Tips for business plan
Why "business plan" is important?
Doctors, nurses, OT, PT, CLS, CTRS, and etc.
Who do you like to spend your free time with?
How do you like to spend your free time?
Children's Hospital
Outdoor-based Summer Inclusion Day Camp
Summer camp industry
Day camp/ outdoor-based activities
Inclusion camp
- For both children without disabilities and children with disabilities
Other organizations providing outdoor-based summer camp
Other organizations offering sports-based, aquatic-based, or technology-based camp

Marketing Plan
The Marketing plan brings together all the research, discussion, pondering, and calculating that you've done and uses that information to promote your business brand and your products and services in such a way that your target customers know about your business offerings and are compelled to buy your products (Gattis, 2010)
your plan, research and expected performance
a summary of
The purpose of executive summary
Mission Statement
Express the opportunity and
business philosophy in one brief sentence
What is industry?

Who are your competitors?
What are external threats/opportunities?
What are your services and products?
Business plan needs to be reviewed/rewritten more than once a year
Who are your substituted competitors?
"An industry consists of sellers" (Mullins, 2010).
Common reason
why business plan get rejected
1. Poor credit score
2. Lack equity and collateral

3. Poor marketing section that fails to prove
there is a market
Maintenance your Business plan
1. Constantly
your business plan
A timeline benchmark
to view your business plan is
in conjunction with your earnings per share.

Make adjustments to consider growth and expansion
reference to industry and market analysis.
4. Adapt to the current mark and industry needs or perish
5. 95% of business fail in the first year
world changes everyday...
(Michael Jordan)
The financial plan
is a
critical section of your business plan
because it translates all the other parts of the business ... into anticipated financial results" (Harvard Business School Press, 2007).
Business plan should be less than 10 pages

How many pages should I write?
Maximum 10 PAGES
Elevator Pitch
An Elevator Pitch is an overview of
a product, service, project, person or other solution
National population-based data
Estimated income
Estimated expenses
It is a psychological measurement that
measures skills and knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and educational achievement.
Grants, fund-raising and sponsorship
Market Segments
* Target customer groups
* Unique value proposition
Market Strategy
* Product
* Price
* Place
* Promotion
- Goals
- Budget
- Timetable
- Resources needed
Action plan/ Implementation Tactics
* Advertising and Promotion
* PR Campaigns
* Networking
Monitor/Measure Test
Market Situation Analysis
* Short-term Budget
* Long-term Budget
Who sees the business plan?
Loan officers (salesman)
loan committees (Outside people/directors)
Explain how
you will succeed!
How do you differentiate
from others?
"Markets consist of buyers" (Mullins, 2010).
- Strength and weakness of
your organization and services
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