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ITS Training

No description

Katie Niehoff

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of ITS Training

SCI.3.0.6 Explain data and investigation findings.
• Identify unexpected or unusual data.
• Classify objects and organisms based on characteristics.
• Discuss understandings from observations, investigations, and data.
Use data to support ideas expressed.
Scientists communicate their findings to build consensus and attempt to replicate the work of other scientists.

SCI.3.3.4 Explain the importance of a population and a community.
• A population is a group of organisms of the same kind living in the same place.
• A community is all the populations living in the same place.
• Describe what would happen in an ecosystem if an entire population were to die out.

Science Investigation Analysis (Fowler)
We Can Help!
Science Instruction & Inquiry
A Closer Look
The investigation skills are typically at a higher cognitive demand
Call, email, Tweet!
Meghan Raftery
Elementary Social Studies Coordinator
Katie Niehoff
Elementary Science/STEM Coordinator

Resources Available
Pacing Charts
Reporting Categories
I Can Statement
Achieve 3000 Alignment
Defined STEM
NBC Learn
Unpacking Documents
Unit Maps
Process Log
Your Mission
Develop and sustain Process Logs with grades 2-5
Support the teachers
Share student work with us

Share ideas for formats
Goal 1 High Academic Expectations
Integrate literacy and numeracy across the curriculum
Continue to implement effective and innovative teaching practices that maximize rigor and engagement
Create inquiry-based and experiential learning opportunities for all students
Continue to deploy the curriculum in all areas of study to support students’ acquisition of globally competitive skills
Goal 2 Multiple Pathways
Provide increased opportunities for career awareness, exploration and experience

Goal 4 Culture of Growth and Excellence
. Deepen and expand mutually-beneficial, ongoing partnerships with businesses, military, faith-based, civic and city agencies to strengthen learning opportunities for students
Compass to 2020
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