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Case Study: Primary Hypertension

No description

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Case Study: Primary Hypertension

Case Study: Primary Hypertension
The patient is a 45yo African-American male with no previous history of HTN. At a screening clinic, his BP was found to be 180/120mmHg
What risk factors for hypertension does the patient have?
What evidence of target organ damage is present?
What misconceptions about HTN should be corrected?
What areas would you focus on in teaching this patient about his illness?
Based on the assessment data presented, write one or more appropriate nursing diagnoses?

Father died of stroke at age 60
Mother has HTN
"I am not a 'hyper' person."
"I feel fine."
Smokes 1 PPD
Drinks 6-pack of beer 2x/week
Has been told that BP medications interfere with sexual relationships
Subjective data
Objective Data
Physical examination
-Retinopathy and nose bleeds
Diagnostic Studies
-Echocardiogram: left ventricular hypertrophy
-Urinalysis: protein 31 mg/dl
-Serum creatinine level: 2.1
Collaborative Care
-Low-sodium diet
-HCTZ 12.5mg Qday
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