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Zombie Apocalypse Project

No description

Keara Andrew

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Zombie Apocalypse Project

By: Keara Andrew
The cerebrum (or frontal cortex) is a part of the brain which is in charge of most sensory, motor, and cognitive processing. If this area of the brain is affected even just a little damaged by the virus the infected subject should show signs of lacking cognitive skills. In the case of the infected subjects, ("zombies"), the frontal lobe of their brains is severely damaged since they almost show no cognitive or sensory processing. Although, they can see, hear, touch, smell, and groan zombies are still not that aware except in the case that they see "food'' since they will recognize it. I think that the thalamus might be damaged in this case too, but the extremely impaired frontal lobe is the main problem here. With their cognitive processing gone zombies have no planning or creative thinking. For example, if the zombie was presented with the dilemma of trying to reach some food that was on the other side of a swamp it would walk straight through swamp. The zombie wouldn't even think about using a bridge to cross if it saw it. What I am trying to say is that zombies have all their senses but when it comes to using the information that have just saw or heard they can't because they can't think or plan at all. Zombies are also not capable of imagination since the frontal lobe is the basis of creative thinking too.This is why zombies' behavior may come across as terribly irrational, but since they can see, the occipital lobe is not influenced by the zombie virus.
The zombie virus greatly affects the frontal lobe and this part of the is almost completely dibilitated from the disease. Another side-effect of the frontal lobe being damaged is having decreased motor and coordinative muscle movements. This means zombies have very poor reflexes, move slow, and can not do movements are things humans find simple, (writing, clapping, catching a ball etc.), *(added to the fact that zombies can't even tell their bodies to do these actions because they can't think properly).* This is why zombies are often seen lurching about at a very slow pace and have received the term "the walking dead" because of their apperance, (they seem to resemble a reanimated corpse trying to walk).
The partiel lobe is another acutely damaged area by the zombie infection and because of the severity of the infection on this area affected subjects can feel absoultely no pain whatsoever. The partiel lobe controls all sensations of feelings by touch such as the sensitivites to hot, cold, and pain. I believe that zombies partiel lobes are so damaged that they can't even feel the sensations of hot and cold. The infection has debilitated this lobe of the brain so much that if you were to stab or shoot a zombie with a gun they wouldn't feel a thing. The same affect would happen if you tried to freeze a zombie or set it on fire. Therefore none of these tactical measures against zombies mentioned above would be wise to use, and would put you in greater danger of being infected. *(Read on for a list of strategies to keep you saftey against zombies later in the presentation).*
No long term memory is another symptom of the zombie infection which is caused by the very damaged temporal lobe and hippocampus. The temporal lobe controls memory, perception, emotion, and hearing. While the hippocampus just control memory. The zombie's temporal lobe is damaged but not as damaged as the frontal or pareital lobe since the zombie can still hear, but I would say the hippocampus is almost completely impaired. The temporal lobe is still indeed damaged though because the zombie has no long term memory whatoever or emotion or a concept of perception.*(Perception in the terms of understanding and being awarw, not actually seeing things).* For example: if a zombie saw some "food" walking around from a distance and then walk away in a certain direction, a zombie will walk away in that direction. By the time the zombie gets to the location of where the "food" went of in a different direction it would have forgotten the reason why it was there in the first place. Zombies also cannot remember their past lives before the infection. A zombie will eat any "food", and it doesn't matter if that person is a relative or their closest friend. Once infected the person you know is gone, and isn't even in fact a person anymore.
As mentioned before, zombie's have poor motor skills and coordinative muscle, which leads us to another symptom caused by the zombie virus: poor balance. The way a zombie walks, (shuffling, hands infront to keep balance, lumbering like a very intoxicated person), is caused by the cerebellum being impaired because of the virus. The cerebellum, a cauliflowered-shaped area at the of the brain, regulates the movement and balance of the body, (the cerebellum also regulates analyzing sensory info, solving problems, and understanding words). Zombies are known for their slow, lumbering, lurching, clumsy, and awkward walk. They are not coordinated, and cannot outrun a human at their fastest pace which is slower than the average human's walking speed. They are constantly roaming around with the same lurching walk. *(What you are about to watch is an example of this).*
One of the most widely known side-effects of the zombie virus is an uncontrollable urge and hunger for human flesh, (especially the brain, spinal column, and central nervous system). At the center of the brain is the hypothalamus, which controls fear, hunger, thirst, and reproduction. The hypothalamus also regulates body temperature, but that doesn't seem to be affected by the virus. The hypothalamus is very dieased because of the zombie virus which makes the infected subject's appetite very uncontrolable, unpredicatble, and dangerous. Zombie's other attributes controlled by the hypothalamus are the same way too. The infected individuals are not thirsty and are not capable of reproduction, which would leave me to be believe that the zombie's hypothalamus is greatly disease beacause of the virus. Although it is evident that an infected hypothalamus leads to erratic hunger, thirst, and reproduction behaviors I am still unsure why the zombies are hungry for just human flesh and especially for the human brain.
Another unwritten fact about zombies is that they never sleep.
Zombies are constantly shuffling aroung looking for their next meal because the zombie virus impairs a section of the brain called the pons. The pons is in charge of sleeping, walking and dreaming. Since this are of the brain is diseased zombies are not capable of sleeping and dreaming (they don't have an imagination anyway), and their walking is more like lurching because of their poor muscle coordination and motor skills. Since zombies can't slumber at all because of the infected pons their outward appearance can be described as groggy-looking, fatigued, red-eyed, and deep bags under their eyes. From all this awakness zombie's muscles will become weakened, decreasing thei speed, adding to their already slow movements
The frontal lobe is also in charge of emotions, which are another thing that is affected by the critical injury that this lobe has thanks to the zombie virus. As mentioned before the frontal lobe, and cerebrum in general, is very impaired because of the virus. This means that the zombies extremely lack all emotions. Zombies are not capable of being angry, afraid, disgusted, contempt, happy, sad, and surprised. Once infected, the zombie because this dull creature roaming around looking for food. Although sometimes zombies give off the impression of being angry with the noises they make. They are simply just very, very hungry and are not capable of communicating or being angry.
What areas does the zombie virus affect, and how do these diseased areas of the brain influence the zombie's behavior?
The Centre for Disease Control's
Guide to the
Zombie Apocalypse
Instruments to use when diagnosing infected areas of the brain.
One of the instruments I would use to diagnose an infected part of the brain would be an Electroencephalogram (EEG) because is records neural activity in the brain. This would help me because it would let me know how much activity the brain has if it is too high or in the zombie's case too low. If an Electroencephalogram was performed on a zombie you would see very low brain waves and activity because of the virus which has dibilitated most of the brain's functions.
I would also do a Position Emission Tomography (PET) Scan to diagnose different areas of a zombie's brain. This mehtod is good for analyzing biochemical activity in the brain is uses injections of a glucose-like substance containing a radioactive substance to better interpret different levels of activity in certain areas of the brain. This scan shows the brain's blood flow, therefore active areas of the brain would have increased blood flow. For example: if a zombie's brain was scanned by this machine you would see very low blood flow in the frontal lobe because this lobe is almost completely crippled by this disease of the "walking dead".
The last instrument I would use to diagnose the zombie's infected brain with would be a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) device. This method is used for studying the body and brain tissue, it provides clear 3-D images. If I used this instrument on a zombie's brain I might see parts of the brain's tissues that are abnormal, discoloured, moved, or a growth/tumor that has been growing on the infection section that the virus has caused.
Although there is no cure for the zombie virus at the moment there are a few theories:
1) The zombie virus is simply a bacterial outbreak by a unknown microorganism, and can be simply cured with dosages of anitbiotics.
2) The zombie virus is a parasite in the infected brains that feasts on the cerebrum causing these unsual symptoms.
3) The zombie virus is actually a viral disease which there is no treatment for, although a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator (TMS) might prove effective in stimulating brain cells for treatment.
The zombie virus also lowers the brain's plasticity and ability to adapt. Plasticity is the brain's capacity for modification as evident in brain reorganization. Basically meaning the brain should be able to heal itself from the zombie virus, but it can't because it doesn't have enough plasticity.
Here are a few ways to protect yourself in a zombie attack if the occasion may ever rise:
1) RUN!!!!! Run away, preferably to high ground because zombie's can not move faster than your walking pace and can not climb steep areas because of their lack of balance.
2)(Live on high ground as mention above).
3)If using a wepon such as a gun aim for the heart and other vital organs, because if you try to just shoot the zombie as a flesh wound they will feel no pain. If using a knife or machete try to decapitate the zombie. Even just hitting the zombie in the head will keep it away, in this case we strongly recommend a baseball bat.
4) Even though we are not sure what causes the zombie virus it is still good to keep optimal hygiene. It is known that the zombie virus can be passed through saliva, contaminated blood and other bodily fluids, so try to steer clear of these things if you come in contact with them. Washing with antibacterial soap and wearing a hospital face would be recommended
5) Run faster!!! (and hide).
Is there a cure?
Ways to protect yourself.
Thanks for watching and hopefully this information will keep you and your family safe.
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