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Gender Imbalance in HR

Capstone Presentation St John Fisher College April 28, 2010

Benjamin Banks

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Gender Imbalance in HR

The Complexity of the
Gender Imbalance in HR

Why this topic?
Method Research Questions
What was learned? Testing What was found?

Due to a number of complex reasons there is a gender imbalance in the HR profession. This has led to major issues to consider:
1). The relative high percentage of women in the HR profession (75-80%), and the impact.
2) Comparatively few women at the executive level compared to men.

A study is needed to examine the reasons for this imbalance and its consequences, in order to make recommendations for the field.

Benjamin K. Banks
April 2010 Data Shows:
75-80% representaiton of women in HR
Almsot the rveser at the Excutive Levels; high male percentage Data shows:
D Qualitative & Quantitative Data
Interview Samples with Six HR Professionals

Likert Survey Conducted with Cohort 12 & 13 based on
Claude Balthazard survey Canadian HR Reporter Key Interview Questions:
What are the reasons for high percentage?
Does disproportionate number cause harm?
Should the profession recruit more men?
Would more men impact credibility?
Have women been victims of a glass ceiling?
Survey Response Statements (Likert):
The high number harms the profession
HR professional associations should develop and implement specific action plans to address imbalance
The success of OL/HRD outcomes may be impacted by gender

Survey included qualitative responses

Continue to encourage dialogue regarding the imbalance and potential impact

Alternative or flexible work -styles for women to balance high-potential careers

Increased public relations for HR as a career path for men (include high school and undergrads)

Recruitment and retention of more men into HR to allow for more diversity; reflect
population served

Do not sacrifice the need for competent professionals to address the imbalance

Women should seek bona fide mentors and role-models

Women should seek line-management and operations career experience
What does the data show?

What are the reasons and effects of the imbalance? What are some of the recommendations
to address the imbalance and increase
credibility? History:
Employee Relations via Unions -male controlled
Administrative function: provided more options for women; women could find success
50% of 500 surveyed expressed concern (Balthazard, 2009) Profession impacted by patriarchal influence and stereotypes
Impact on pay Career advancement concerns: Executive level addressed by filling
women in top positions and leaving them there "Men and women want
to do a good job,and if they are
provided the proper environment
they will do so"
Passion of Topic

Ironic Elements:
Taboo subject/relieved to be asked
Old stereotypes very much alive
How progressive is profession?

Complex Research Layers:
Ulrich competency data
Work-life balance
Improve public relations of HR
Credibility is impacted

Diversity was Common (key) Theme
Lack of diversity within profession; reflect population served Study by Dave Ulrich: Different HR Competencies between men & women CEO positions also lacking; path to CEO not fundamentally HR Questions? Conclusion..... Curiosity about the imbalance and the impact.
Does anyone else notice the imbalance?
Why the topic is never discussed?
Is there any data?
Reveal reasons & significance
Impact on organizations/individuals/profession
Encourage dialogue
Recommendations Benefit and Purpose Cohort 12 & 13 Key Definitions:
Lacking proportion or distribution
Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1998) "Human Resources"
All Aspects of the "Human Resource Wheel"
Benefits/Comp; OD; T&D; Employee Relations; Planning & Strategy

William R Hewlett
(1913) Literature Cohort 12 & 13 McLagan(1989) "Look like me"; same career path as me" 32% agree/39.2% disagree 54.% agree/3.5% disagree 28.5% agree/32.1% disagree Percent of impact on business when competency is demonstrated
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