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A Simple Roadmap to a Successful Internship Program Experience

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Alison Asher White

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of A Simple Roadmap to a Successful Internship Program Experience

Weeks Four-Six
Week Seven
Week Eight
Present project to manager
Receive final feedback
Distribute hand written thank you cards
Update resume
1. Prepare
2. Network
3. Produce&Reflect
4. Give thanks

Week One
Schedule lunch with your manager
Schedule a weekly meeting
Meet your co-workers
Familiarize yourself with your environment
Be punctual!

Remember first impressions are very important!

Week Three
Week Two
Dress for success
Research. Research. Research
Continue to learn
Propose a project: http://www.ahscommunications.com/images/Communication_Plan_Template_and_Example.pdf
Track your project progress
Ask for a letter of recommendation
Ask for an evaluation
Keep in touch
Prepare for your replacement
Internship summary presentation
Take advantage of the transition time at the beginning of your internship. Ask lots of questions and for advice.
TIP #1:
Be innovative and show initiative.
TIP #4:
Tip #7:
TIP #8:
Tackle all tasks with enthusiasm and a positive attitude and don't forget to be responsive.
TIPS #2&3:
Work hard and manage your time.
TIPS # 5&6:
What are your initial reactions to your first few days? What are you looking forward to? Is there anything you are disappointed about?

What can you do to make your manager's job easier?

What are your company’s main goals for the summer? Is there anything that your company is continually working on that you should take part in (like some kind of research)?

After talking with professionals in your chosen field, share:

What you learned about their career paths, education background, most/least rewarding aspects of their jobs, and the typical day in their lives.

Do you think that any of the individuals you’ve spoken with might be a helpful mentor? Why or why not?
How has your perception of the internship/organization changed since you started the internship?

Is your personality a fit for this organization? Do you notice particular personality types working in this industry?

What goals have you met so far? What goals do you still need to meet? Have you changed any of your goals?

What have you contributed to the organization?

What do you think are your strongest attributes as an intern?

In what ways do you feel like you can improve your performance?
How did you accomplish your goals for this experience?

What was your biggest success in this internship?

How did you change as a result of this experience?

What changes would you make if you had the chance to do this over again?

What was your biggest success or contribution to your organization?

How do you want your supervisor to remember you?
What did you learn about yourself through this experience?

Were your expectations for this experience realistic? Why or why not?

How would you describe your work style based on your behavior at this internship?

How are you different than you were when you started this experience?

What did you learn from your challenges in this experience?
Be grateful and appreciative.
What is going to be your biggest challenge in this internship?

If you have identified challenges or disappointments in your initial expectations of your internship, put together an action plan to deal with these.

Do you feel like you fit in to the organization? Why or why not?

Conduct info interviews
Find a mentor
Accept all invitations
Solicit advice and feedback

Be direct about wanting a job and make
friends with Human Resources.
Work (hard) on your project
Manage your time
Track progress
Share your success
Document everything!
In 2013, 64.8% of employers made offers to their interns
Clean up your social media
Organize your Elevator Pitch

Buy a journal
Prepare to be on time!
Internships typically do not provide vacation time
Never fall asleep at any time while you are at work
Take your job seriously even if you are in a casual work environment
Never participate in inappropriate conversation at work
Tell your Advisor if you are having difficulties, concerns or challenges
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