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The Village

No description

Chris Zaprianov

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of The Village

The Land of the Winged
Life In a Tree
The Beggining
The world of "The Village"
A land covered in water and trees up amongst the clouds
Man had to evolve to have wings because there was no land to walk on, only water
With the newly evolved wings man can fly from tree to tree to acquire items for their needs
The Evolution of Flight
(a.k.a How to Wing It)
People have wings and can fly
"The Cloud" is able to float in between all of the trees
"The Village" is centered around "The Cloud"
Trees can be as high as skyscrapers
All of the people speak English
People are able to have disease and be harmed
The Trees
the village is broken down into four main trees

Village Hall
officially an oligarchy

issues are discussed by the counsul, and a 2/3 majority is needed for a motion to pass

Smartest individuals are choosen by consul members, once one has decided to resign.
Trees produce Fruits and other materials that are used for food and medication

Main food source is fished form the sea below
The Diety
at the beginning and end of every month a festival of light is held

once the plaint makes a full rotation around the sun a three day festival his held in honor of Narava
.Punctuated Equilibirum
-The flying squirrel
from an young age they are taught to hunt

after basic survival skills are established the young are sent to a secondary school

they learn to read, write, and perform basic mathematics

more gifted students go to a third schooling where they will become community or religious leaders
Narava - God of Nature
Created earth covered with water and trees
Created the cloud which these trees are all centered around
Created light and dark
Created a warm environment for all 12 months
trees are physically linked with Narava
Narava's home is in the cloud
Earth was created from Narava's tears
Biology (of the main species)
Biology (of botanical organisms)
Biology (of aerial organisms)
Major Organs
-Bone Structure
-Metabolic processes

-Sucrose transport

-Important Organs
-Vascular tissue
-No Land
-Main food scource
-More carbon dioxide
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