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diagnostic report

No description

Sarah Dlouhy

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of diagnostic report

Final Diagnostic is a
5th grade
student By: Sarah Dlouhy Summary
is... very outgoing highly
intelligent enthusiastic about learning very talkative inquisitive an avid reader a sports fan competitieve a quintessential 10-year-old
'KNOW IT ALL' All of my client's strong characteristics make him a sharp & strong student who is eager to learn and preform well on assessments. & Instructional Report Recommendation RDG 415's Reading Attitude
Survey After taking the Reading Attitude Survey, it was clear that had a passion for reading and writing. completed the PAWS survey featuring Garfield.
This survey was kid-friendly and easy for to identify with. Most of
responses were in the 4-3 range- all except the question asking how he would feel if he didn't write as much in school.
That question received a 1. 5 Client San Diego Quick Assessment I began on a 4th grade level in accordance to the San Diego Quick Assessment
read the sight words quickly and perfectly Independent Level- 7th grade
Instructional Level- 8th grade
Frustration Level- 9th grade scanty
grim bridge
relativity amber
condescend capacious
embankment conscientious
inventive 5 6 7 8 9 x x x x x x According to the San Diego Quick Assessment, my client's reading level is at an 8th grade level This test is preformed to measure the recognition of words out of context and states that proficient readers read as accurately both in and out of context. Oral Retelling of a Narrative Text Jesse Reads
161 words per minute
on grade level Informal Reading Inventory Writing Sample wrote an expository paper on his experience at Astro Camp. He was able to use humor, had a voice, and used proper punctuation and sentence structure. Instructional Activity main domain of difficulty lies in his comprehension skills.
All instructional activities done with

surrounded around providing him with skills to improve comprehension. We took time to stop throughout a reading to talk about the visuals we may have in our head. This is a strategy known as VISUAL IMAGERY.

We also declared different voices for each of the story's characters, and went thought the dialogue as if it were a play.

We also created a prediction activity where he would come up with predictions made throughout a reading. Oral Retelling of
Expository Text My client My client my client My client my client my client's my client My client After having orally retell me what he had read in a passage of Friends in America- he had difficulty remembering anything he had just read- the only thing he could retell was that the main character was Margaret. my client There was mention of redemptioners in the passage had read. I asked him to describe what he understood a redemptioner to be.

responded with,

I told that the definition of what a redemptioner was is mentioned in the text he had just read.
blushed, and said "Sometimes I have a bad memory when I read..." "I haven't learned that yet in school." my client My client my client My client read the passage well with wonderful inflection and fluency!
He had difficulty remembering what he had read however, he could only retell the main characters first name. My client His reading skills are very good, but because he was so focused on reading and not messing up on the words, he was unable to make the connection needed to comprehend and recall the passage. This is where the Instructional Activity took place My client's my client. My client was able to successfully retell the major components of this text. My client was able to successfully retell me 7 key details from the text in a summary My client & My Recommendations: Model and discuss strategies good readers use to improve comprehension Help student identify examples in a text where he or she used a specific strategy. Provide opportunities to practice using a specific comprehension strategy (making connections, visualizing, responding emotionally) Model and teach comprehension strategies for fiction texts Help student identify important information and/or key vocabulary in a variety of texts Teach and share examples of inferences .Teach student how to use and construct graphic organizers to help track of story information Model and support using knowledge and of text structures/genre characters to make predictions Model and support using background information to make meaningful predictions Teach how to make and confirm predictions prior to and during reading Provide opportunities for student to discuss what he or she knows about the characters and setting based on title and book cover, as well as opening paragraphs and illustrations of texts read aloud. All recommendations for Home are to keep my client busy.
He has many questions about the world, and though parents may not know them, researching as a family and creating a learning experience can be very beneficial. All recommendations for my client at school pertain to keeping him interested and challenged.
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