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Japan Invades China

No description

Bryan Palmer

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Japan Invades China

What is it?
December 13, 1937-
February 18, 1938
Japan Invades China, Rape of Nanking
During WWII Japanese troops attacked and captured the city of Nanjing, China. Six weeks after the final battle of Nanking, mass murders of an estimated 300,000 unarmed Chinese civilians occurred. The Japanese were seen committing acts of rape and murder. The men and children were brutally beaten and killed. During this time the women who were taken in were raped and then killed.
Bodies lay piled up near shore.
Severed heads of the Chinese lay on the ground in front of the Japanese army, who often had decapitation contests.
Japan Invades China


Japanese territories in WWII
Short video on Nanking Massacre
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