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No description

Britney Webb

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Iphones!

Examples and impact
Social, legal and ethical - 2 examples
iPhones have changed lot since they first came out.There first was an iPhone 3 which was very simple it had apps and a back camera. Then out came the iPhone 4 which had the front and back camera with lot more apps in black and white.Now, there's an iPhone 5 which is the newest iPhone out, out can get it in different colors and more apps. iPhones have got lot thinner since they first came out.
iPhones have made a huge change in many peoples life. When he iPhones have came out, lot of people got them. The more people you ask, many would say yes. IPhones have made a huge change to peoples life. IPhones are more for the younger generation,due to e apps that are on them.
I think since the new iphones have came out, it has made people more sociable online but in reality less sociable, i think this because people prefer to talk over the internet rather than talking to each others when there stood next each other
Over 9 million people have he iPhone 5 where as,only 234 have he iPhone 3.
How have iPhones changed peoples life?
iPhones have made a huge change to peoples life because iPhones allow people to socalise and keep a lot more things on there, they keep diarys and have a lot of memory to store things on, gaming photos, text messaging, and phone calls.
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