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Dream-time (Chocolate bar) presentation

No description

Lucy Jones

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Dream-time (Chocolate bar) presentation

It's heaven in a wrapper! Dream-time! What is the Dream-time chocolate bar? The Dream-time chocolate bar, is a slice of heaven!
It's designed for little girls from ages 3-12. I chose to do a bar for girls because there are no chocolate bars for girls but there is for boys (yorkies), so I thought that girls need one! This will be shown by having shaped 3D butterfiles on the top of the bar, inside those butterfiles is yummy mashmellow! Also inside the proper bar is lovley melted chocolate.
The dream-time chocolate bar wrapper is light purple with pink butterflies around the name and logo.
The Dream-time chocolate bar will make your mouth water until you can't take it anymore! Advertising The Dream-time bar is being advertising by the one and only JLS boyband! We chose JLS to advertise the Dream-time because they are popular with young girls. JLS will shown on TV adverts talking about the chocolate bar and how wonderful it is! Information The dream-time chocolate will be sold in lot's of different shops like:
Etc.. The bar with sold on the market for only 95p! Our bar also has a free £1,000 in one the bars so the customers will want to buy as much bars as possible because they will want to win the £1,000!
The bar is directed for young girls in between the ages of 3-12. Logo! By Lucy Jones 8CL
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