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No description

Kelly Duncan

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Strategy

A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim
Strategic Tools
12 Principles of
Brand Strategy
"Long-term marketing support for a
brand, based on the definition of the
characteristics of the target consumers.
It includes understanding of their
preferences, and expectations from
the brand"
Read through IMI Case Study
evaluate the strategy
have they missed anything?
constantly evangelize the chosen position
result in a workforce that is inspired, empowered and productive, everyone will be able to make decisions in support of the corporate/brand strategy
'fearless leader'
brand is the unique place occupied in the customer’s mind
brand is able to create a strong connection with its customer base
it has created the ultimate source of differentiation and therefore competitive advantage
Visionary business leaders have anticipated this and have carefully invested in their brands, making them the cornerstone of their business strategy
Link between leadership and strategy
Successful companies have clear strategies and their leaders understand these strategies
Making a decision to differentiate yourself
'deliberately choosing to be different'
sound strategy starts with the right goal
in steps leadership
He/she/they must know what the company stands for and communicate this
leadership needs to provide discipline and glue to sustain the future of the business
Porters 5 Forces
PEST analysis
Critical success factors
Brand Pyramid

Define your brand
your brand in your business model
consistency, consistency, consistency
start from the inside out
connect an the emotional level
empower brand champions
stay relevant and flexible
align tactics with strategy
measure effectiveness
cultivate your community
keep your enemies closer
practice brand strategy thinking
Brand Strategy
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