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The Spread of Christianity to South and Central America

by Katie Foley, Sara Goffredo, Caelin Jaskot

Sara Goffredo

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of The Spread of Christianity to South and Central America

Aztec religious practice (before Christianity, Aztec was their religious practice)
August 13th: conquest of the Spanish (this conquest marked the beginning of Corte’s efforts to bring Christianity to Mexico.
1523-1572: founding of the Mexican church
December 9th, 1531: Juan Diego (recently converted Aztec) had a vision of a lady asking him to build a church on a hill in Tepeyac desert. Later, he saw the lady from his vision in person and built the church. Movement: Spread of Christianity to South America: Timeline Wagon (trade route)
Carriage (paved roads)
Boats (oceans/river)
Camel/Animals (desert, road, etc…)
Feet (Anywhere except water)
Transportation Used Before:
Most of population is Catholic
Not much if any Christian
Most people believed in more than one god

42.3 million people are Christian
64.6% is Catholic
Now some people believe in only one god Place and Human- Environmental Interaction
Life Before and After Christianity in Brazil Catedral São Pedro (Cathedral of St. Peter)
Rio Grande, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil
Built: 1884
The Christian American School
Sao Pãulo, Brazil
Started: 1960 Place and Human- Environmental Interaction
Human Characteristics of Brazil Made it harder: Amazon Rainforest
It was harder because its so thick, making it hard to walk in
Made it easier: Bordered by Atlantic Ocean
It was easier because more people could reach it Place and Human- Environmental Interaction
Physical Characteristics of Brazil the Andes mountains are in Peru
the northern tip of Peru is near the equator
the west side is along the Pacific Ocean
the east side is next to Brazil Location and Region
Relative Location Lima, Peru is at 12° and 75°
Bogota, Colombia is at 73° and 3°
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is at 23° and 43° By: Sara Goffredo, Katie Foley, and Caelin Jaskot Christianity In the Modern World When Spanish conquistadors came to colonize Mexico, they brought Christianity along with them. This was the beginning of Corte’s efforts to bring Christianity to South and Central America. Movement: Introduction and Development of Christianity Location and Region
Absolute Location South and Central America Citations Morrison, Marion. Columbia Enchantment of the World. New York: Scholastic, 2008. Print. Forest, Christopher. Brazil. Minnesota: ABDO Consulting Group, 2012. Print. Kalman, Bobbie. Peru: The People and Culture. New York: Crabtree Publishing Comoany, 1994. Print. Heinrichs, Ann. Brazil (Enchantment of the World). 1997: Children's Press. Print. Buckley, A.M. Mexico. Edina: ABDO Publishing Company, 2012. Print. Timeline of the Rise of Mexican Christianity." Macaulay Honors College. Web. 09 Oct. 2012. <http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/friedlander12/religion-2/mexican-religion/timeline-of-the-rise-of-mexican-christianity/>.
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