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Key Features of Event Driven Programs

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Dan Almojuela

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Key Features of Event Driven Programs

Developing a program in an event driven language is easy because of the way the programmer only has to deal with event of one control at a time. This is because all of the controls on a form are programmed independently, even though they will sometimes work together. Ease of development Event driven programming is one of the most flexible programming language types. It allows the programmer to visually design the form to their needs and program the objects on the form with a huge range of events that can do different things when run. It gives the programmer more control over what they want the program to do when user does. Flexibility This is a code that allows user to repeat the same method of the program without repeating the same code that user input. Event loops Trigger function is a code that put into a click of a mouse or key stroke into a keyboard. This is an event loop that happens while another event loop will response on it. Trigger Functions Event Handlers is a routine that handles the input and received in a program Event Handlers Time Driven This is a multiple events services that occur at the same time and become a single running program. Service Oriented Service Oriented
Time Driven
Event Handlers
Trigger Functions
Event Loops
Suitability for Graphical interfaces
Simplicity of Programming
Ease of development Event Driven Programs hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr tubbzieey Event Time Driven controls the programs, programmer use time driven to add a trigger to the program when to start or when to stop. This is an event that occurs same time with another event. Event GUI is a example of graphical interface it allows the user to interact to the program by clicking or tapping an icon appears in the screen. The design of the interface also need to be suitable for the program. Suitability for Graphical interfaces Simplicity of Programming The visual aspects of event driven programming simplifies even the most complex programming tasks. Because the programmer can visually create their program by placing different objects on the form, it saves a lot of time and effort.
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