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Giovanni Da Verrazano

No description

Donald Ruppel

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Giovanni Da Verrazano

Giovanni Da Verrazzano
Giovanni Da Verrazano set sail in January of 1524 to Cape Fear, North Carolina.
Cape Fear, North Carolina
Giovanni Da Verrazzano reached Cape Fear,NC in March, 1524.
New York Bay, New York
Giovanni da Verrazzano landed in the New York Bay in June, 1524
Giovanni Da Verrazzano made a camp on the way and traveled along the coast for 3 months. The camp was named Rhode Island in Rhode Island.
light Blue:
Giovanni's first voyage
Giovanni Da Verrazano reached back to where he started in Augest of 1524.
Giovanni Da Verrazano started on the voyage to Brazil, South America in June 1526.
Light Green:
Giovanni's second voyage
Giovanni's last voyage
Giovanni Da Varrazano reached back home from Brazil in September 1527.
Between 1526 and 1527 he was going up coast searching for things to bring back to France.
Giovanni reached Florida realizing that there were tribe there. he got killed and eatened by the tribes. he never came back to France. The tribe was called the Carib tribe in Guadeloupe Island.
Giovanni Da Verrazano was born in Val Di Greve, Italy.
He became an explorer because he met Francis I between 1522 and 1523 and Giovanni convinced Francis I that we would be the right guy to go on voyages.
In his early age he moved to Syria and Egypt. It was hard to get there back in the days.
He explored for France and Francis the first commissioned him for the trip.
He only created one settlement called Rhode Island in Rhode Island.
Giovanni Da Verrazzano's life
He visited North Carolina, New York, and finally Newfoundland before going back to France.
He visited Brazil for his second trip for a few months.
And finally his last trip was going to Florida. he got killed and eaten by the Carib tribe.
Giovanni Da Verrazzano Facts
His mom and dad owned a castle when he was born named Castello Verrazzano.
He moved to Dieppe because he wanted to pursue a dream of navigation.
Giovanni is remembered today for discovering the New York Harbor.
Dieppe is where the famous map makers lived. like Samual De Champlian, Jean Ribault, and Jacques Cartier.
In 1522 Giovanni captured a spanish ship with laden gold in it.
The Spanish ship was sent to Mexico.
The gold that was on the ship was equivent to 2 million dollars.
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