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FDR and Court Packing

No description

Taylor Moore

on 30 November 2011

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Transcript of FDR and Court Packing

Franklin Roosevelt
and his
Court Packing Plan NIRA
AAA Election
1936 Court
Plan Result of
Plan NIRA - National Industry
Recovery Act Agricultural
Act Republicans nominated
Alfred Landon
of Kansas Democrats
for a 2nd term. Landslide
victory by
Roosevelt Democrats won
both the
House and the
Senate This was a
vote of
confidence in
FDR and his
New Deal New Deal
Coalition Supreme Court:
7 of the 9
Justices appointed
by Republican
Presidents What:
FDR wanted
to appoint a new
Justice for
every Justice
that was 70
years old. This would
have raised the number of Justices to 15. Balance of the Court More liberal Justices would favor FDR's programs. The balance of the court would go from Conservative to Liberal Override Conserative Justices' opinions Checks
Balances President -

Senate -

Justices - Congress
Court Packing
Plan FDR's Impact

- Appoints 6 Justices within a few years.
- Appoints a total of 8 Justices between 1937 and 1943. Change in Court Rulings
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