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CV Elisa

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elisa pougnard

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of CV Elisa

Contact me
I'm a future volunteer
I'm Elisa Pougnard
To know more...
+33 (0)6 78 77 37 76
Circus professional formation
Economics baccalaureate
Economic & social
Technology degree social and sociocultural
Specialisation in art, culture & mediation
technical formation during 4 months
Let's keep in touch
Nice to meet you!
I'm John Doe
A few things about me...
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and details
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Career choices
Baby sitting
Holiday camp activitiy leader
Member of the association
Tous Azimuts
2010 / 2013
Child care of 2 -11 years old
Active member of the association Tous
in Bordeaux (student association for the organization of cultural events ) - Coordinator of cultural events (concerts, festivals) and music scheduler.
Workshop animator with 3 -13 years old children : creation of activities and to care for young people in the centre , outside or during summer camps.
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> Highest level of education :
bachelor's degree
> Linguistic knowledge :
French : mother tongue
English : base level
Spanish : conversation
> Current situation :

But I am so...
Curious, beginner in english language and I have not flying certificate (despite the look)!
I am...
Curious, spontaneous, open minded, positive, calmness, crafty and I imitate very well the rocking chair !
Specialisation in circus
diploma for youth leaders and workers
Specialisation in circus & dance
BA degree in cultural project development
Internship in
Ricochet : socio-cultural animation centre.
Organiser of the "games library" & of the game festival "Vill à jeux".
Internship in
Les Vivres de l'Art
Les Vivres de l'Art
: cultural and artistic transdisciplinary centre .
Communication, events organisation, and docent.
Personal care assistant
2012 / 2013
Work with an older audience (Alzheimer, Parkinson , dementia...) and / or disabled (badly clairvoyance, tetraplegic...) .
Volunteering in
Lacaze aux sottises
Lacaze aux Sottises association :
street art / circus organisator.
Volunteers coordinator on the festival
Fête des Sottises
Internship in
Arto association : Organisator of street art festival.
Coordinator of the logistics and the sustainable development during festival.
Why an EVS ?

- I want to travel and take the time to discover a new culture
- I want to have a new professional experience
- I want to discover how it works in an other countrie
- I need a break between my studies and my future work
- I want to go within EVS !

Street art
Danse : Hip hop & Swing
English trips :
: school exchange for one week in Plymouth.

: Travel in Bristol during two weeks.
Spanish trips:

> 2009 : school exchange to Gijon for one week

> 2013/2014 : Regular travels for a week-end (San Sebastian, Huesca...)

> 2015 : road trip in Spain and Portugal

Dutch trip :

2014 : Travel for one week with my flatmate in Amsterdam
Romanian trip :

2015 : Travel in Bucharest during one week with a friend.
Sending Organisation Details :
Name : Itinéraire International
Address : 50 rue Achille Viadieu, 3100 Toulouse
Country : France
Email : midipyrennes@itineraire-international.org
Web Side : www.itineraire-international.org
Phone : +33 (0)
Fax : +33 (0)

Person in charge of the project :
Surname : DEUMIE
Name : Marion
Role in the organization : International Mobility Adviser
Email : marion.deumie@itineraire-international.org
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