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Rev-Dec Review

No description

Heath Robinson

on 6 December 2016

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Transcript of Rev-Dec Review

Revolution and Declaration Review
1. The leader of the Continental Army
a. Horatio Gates
b. George Washington
c. Henry Knox
d. Benedict Arnold
2. According to the Declaration, the King violated the colonists'-
a. Natural Rights
b. Sacred Honor
c. Religion
d. Homeland
3. A colonist who supported Great Britain during the Revolution.
a. Patriot
b. Trader
c. John Cheese
d. Tories/Loyalists
4. What country helped the American colonists win their Independence?
a. Russia
b. France
c. Sweden
d. Germany
6. The year Americans won Independence from Great Britain.
a. 1776
b. 1787
c. 1791
d. 1783
7. One advantage the Americans had over the British.
a. George Washington
b. Better communication
c. Better troops
d. Better weapons
8. The last major battle of the American Revolution.
a. Yorktown
b. Saratoga
c. Brooklyn
d. Trenton
9. In the winter of 1777-1778, Washington and the Continental Army camped at-
a. Ft. Ticonderoga
b. Lake Champlain
c. Valley Forge
d. Ft. Necessity
10. This document created the United States of America.
a. The Constitution
b. The Articles of Confederation
c. The Magna Carta
d. The Declaration of Independence
11. Who said, "Give me liberty, or give me death?"
a. Thomas Jefferson
b. George Washington
c. Patrick Henry
d. Ben Franklin
12. The treaty that ended the American Revolution.
a. Ghent
b. Paris
c. Philadelphia
d. Madrid
5. What is a Hessian?
a. A German mercenary
b. An American Canon
c. George Washington's Nickname
d. What King George called the Americans
Mary Ludwig Hayes is also known as-
Molly Pitcher
Betsy Ross
Deborah Samson
Young French Noble who came to fight in the American Revolution
Baron von Stueben
Marquis de Lafayette
Pepe Le Pew
Treaty of Paris - American Negotiators
Henry Laurens
Ben Franklin
John Adams
William Franklin
John Jay
George Washington negotiated the Treaty of Paris 1783
Christmas night 1776, George Washington launched a surprise attack at-
Thomas Paine-
Advocated American Independence
Supported the British
was lactose intolerant
"No Taxation without Representation"
Sam Adams
King George III
Dr. Sylvester Gardiner
This guy Negotatiated the Treaty of Alliance with France
Ben Franklin
Burt Cooper
George Washington
Natural Rights = Unalienable Rights
According to Thomas Jefferson, unalienable rights-
Cannot be taken away from you
Are not from this planet
Are earned through hardwork
Washington's greatest challenge at Valley Forge
keeping the army together
dealing with carbunkles
eating firecake
Who had more soldiers die?
Select the American commander
Marquis de Lafayette
Anthony Wayne
Baron von Stueben
Washington and Rochambeau marched from ____________ to Yorktown.
New York
Great Britain passed the Stamp Act to -
Pay for French and Indian War debt
Punish the colonists
Reward the colonists
The battle that determined the outcome of the American Revolution
Bunker Hill
American Advantage during the war
They knew the land better
More guns
They had Terio
Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!
Colonists boycotted British goods in order to-
create economic hardship for British Merchants
Support the King
Reduce British capital investment
Victory over the British at Saratoga convinced ___________to join forces with the Rebels.
British strategy to defeat the Rebels.
divide the colonies by capturing a whole region (New England)
Poison their food, kidnap their kids, refuse to sell them tea.
Which answer choice is one part of the Declaration of Independence?
The Tea Act
Common Sense
list of grievances
'Shot heard round the world'
Lexington and Concord
Bunker Hill
Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense in order to convince-
colonists to declare independence
colonists that it is really okay to swim after eating.
colonists that the King was a pretty cool guy.
Great Britain officially recognized America as an Independent country after signing the-
Declaration of Independence
Treaty of Paris 1783
Treaty of Alliance
"...Give me liberty or give me death."
George Washington
Patrick Henry
Ben Franklin
After the Revolution, General ___________ ___________ retired from the army and planned on living out the rest of his life in Virginia. He would instead go on to be the first President of the United States.
George Washington
Thomas Paine
Marquis de Lafayette
The American Navy's first hero of the American Revolution
John Paul Jones
Matthew Perry
Jean LaFitte
According to the Declaration of Independence, the government's main job is to-
Protect unalienable rights
arrest creepy looking people
Assassinate Kings
One the main goals of the Declaration of Independence -
State the reasons for leaving Great Britain
Explain why America is better than Great Britain
Create a government
This person helped finance (pay for) the American Revolution
King George III
Marquis de Lafayette
Haym Solomon
This slave was a double agent(spy) for the Rebels during the Revolution.
James Armistead
Henry Knox
Molly Pitcher
Natural Rights-
everybody is born with them.
Only rich people have them.
rights without synthetic additives.
Natural Rights and _____________ ________ mean the same thing.
Unalienable Rights
Subjective Rights
Objective Rights
Bernardo de Galvez, Wentworth Cheswell, George Washington, James Armistead, and Thomas Paine all-
Contributed to the American Revolution
Died during the War
Betrayed the Rebels and switched sides.
This woman was married to John Adams and was an early supporter of equal rights for women.
Abigail Adams
John Q. Adams
Sam Adams
The Introduction to the Declaration of Independence.
Rights of Man
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Josh Rude
This guy influenced Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence.
John Locke
Sir Walter Raleigh
Thomas Paine
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