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emergent reader and emergent writer

No description

Jenny Panganiban

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of emergent reader and emergent writer

Emergent reading pertains to the first stage in a child's growth toward literacy. (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
Emergent Reader
Stage 1 beginning reader basic concepts of prints picture analysis sound-letter recognition
Early Readers
Stage 2 word recognition sight words print reading gradual speed in reading
Transitional Readers
Stage 3 towards fluent reading reading of lengthy texts little reliance in picture
Self Extending Reader
Stage 4 independent reading reading various text reading for information
Advanced Reader
Stage 5 mastery in reading proficient comprehension reading for pleasure reading for information interpretive reading internalized reading strategies Stages of the Reading Process Factors that Influence the Development of an emergent Reader PerceptualFactors developed sensory skills & visual and auditory discrimination left to right eye progression stimulated awareness and manipulation of objects/toys emulates adult reading behavior Oral Language Factors has a great deal of oral language has well developed aural/ oral language skills uses descriptive language Affective Factors show strong involvement in being read to has a great deal of time and interest in reading enjoys reading aloud can retell stories actively Cognitive Factors conscious understanding about language has emerging ability to think uses trial and error to described now to discover new things can retell stories actively imaginative or creative Home Environment Factors has access to print materials has parents who are habitual readers has social interaction with parents and peers has pleasant environment for reading Emergent reading pertains to the first stage in a child's growth toward literacy. Stages of Writing Development drawing scribbling making letter like forms reproducing learned units invented spelling conventional spelling
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