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Erasmus+ (EN)

No description

Dg EAC Communication

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Erasmus+ (EN)

Or find us on social media:
What's in it for education, training, youth and sport?
About erasmus+
Increased learning opportunities
abroad for students and teachers

EU grants and training for about 4 million people and 125,000 institutions

Budget breakdown
Learning mobility of individuals

At least 63%
Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

At least 28%
Support for policy reform

Studying and learning abroad
2 million higher education students

500,000 young people will volunteer or participate in youth exchanges

650,000 vocational apprenticeships or traineeships abroad
staff mobility
Knowledge alliances
Strategic partnerships
Jean Monnet
Cross-sectoral cooperation in the fields of higher education, VET, school education, adult education and youth

25,000 partnerships

125,000 institutions

600 collaborative partnerships including non-profit sports events
Sector skills alliances
Jean Monnet will support 400 teaching posts and 600 short courses globally

Over 100 Centres of Excellence will be supported around the world
For more information visit:
800,000 educators and youth workers will acquire new teaching
and learning methods abroad

150 alliances

3000 partner organisations will participate in cooperation projects

An annual EU Sport Forum for dialogue with sport stakeholders
An integrated, more accessible programme

A renewed focus on skills for employment

New opportunities for modernising teaching and learning

New partnerships between education and the world of work
Erasmus+ brings...
Studying and learning abroad
Combines 7 EU education, training and youth programmes, and introduces sport for the first time

Total budget of €14.7 billion, representing a 40% budget increase

About erasmus+
150 alliances

2000 education and training providers and enterprises
200,000 Master degree loan schemes

25,000 Joint Master degree grants
1500 higher education institutions and enterprises
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