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No description

martin gerhat

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of IVM EN

Modern and transparent Logistic of PPE
How does the SavePro Automat work?

What does it mean: configuration?
Capacity: Max 2100 pcs
1 times refilling/week= 109000 pc./year

Why are we here?
Because through the system :

How the workers will use SavePro?
Employee identification
The item is selected
The SavePro Core authorizes and records the transaction
The item is dropped into the bin
The employee retrieves the item
The employee goes back to work
What kind of Products can You put inside SavePro?

High consumption inventory

IVM Zrt.
Dr.Emese Várnagy & Mag.Peter Helesic

SavePro Automat
is an easy to use system available to everyone in the company.
Allows access 24/7
reduces the costs
starting from 20% by controlling the distribution of consumables and protective equipment, of the
profit oriented companies.
You can achieve a definitive costs reduction on the used consumables
You can fully control the employees consumption
You can eliminate the number of orders and unnecessary paperwork
You can reach the needed items any time without involving the warehouse
You will have from us a 24 hours strong support and service

Low consumption


Critical parts – very low consumption

Data security
Managing: the SOUL of the system

The SavePro Management Software (SPMS)

Installed on customer’s server, web-based,
fully secure
Manages inventory levels,
of stock, item and employee database
Compatible with all known management systems (SAP, EDI ERP)
synchs data
with the machine(s)
Provides a
flexible reporting system
, automatically sent to the users/distributors’ e-mail
The SavePro Core Software (SPCS)
All data (transactions) are saved in the automat
Controls access to all items within
Authorization by card/ PIN code, or both
Checks for user authorization, and any restrictions
Connected by cable, on customer’s LAN
It keeps providing the items and recording the transactions even in case of LAN failure

Restocking, ordering

The supplier is contacted via
e-mail by the SPMS. The software sends an email with
a list of all missing items to all preprogrammed involved parties.

SavePro Technical Details

Size: 900 x 990 x 1900 mm
Weight: 290 kg
Number of trays: 6 trays (maximum 7 pcs)
Maximum capacity: 2100 pcs
Voltage: 230V/ 50Hz
Power consumption: max 180W
Maximum load per shelf: 80 kg
Operating temperature:-20 ºC / +60 ºC
Average capacity: 800-1500 items

Save BoxTechnical Details

Height: 1840 mm
Width in 2 versions: 300 or 400 mm
Depth: 500 mm
Standard color: black
Doors are equiped with glass window
Electronic locks
Standard door configuration:
3, 4, 5,7, 8 or 10 and
height varies from 540 to 148 mm
Save Box: setup & operation

Solution of Problems

low level of SW knowledge:
intensive Training during Installation + Handbook +webinars
Actualization of DB:
automatic Import/Export for HR & ERP
SW Errors:
24/7 Availability via hotline
immediate Reaction by technical Supports
mechanical Errors:
1. re-start 2. filler supports actively
3.IVM support within 12 hours
Cost reduction $$$

How can You achieve it?
How big the percentage is?

You can RENT SavePro!
No investment!
Trial period, no risks!
Easy way to convince Your management!


IMV Ltd. serves customers across a wide range of industries and of many different sizes. Here are a few :
Are You Interested?
Would You like to go forward with us?

What are the Next Steps…?

Project steps
First meeting
Items definition
Dedicated project leader

Consumption data
Card reader info’s
Sample cards
Localization of the automats
Audit evaluation

Management meeting

Final configuration
Database settings
Configuration of the SPMS (IT), automat
Plug ins, LAN connection
Education of the staff

The Turn-Key Package
What IVM Provides:

Help profitability analysis and system proposal based on each customer’s specific requirements
The SavePro dispensing unit(s) including the SaveProTM Core Software (SPCS)
The SaveProTM Management Software (SPMS)
Development, testing and integration of layout configuration, item and employee databases, and employee identification method (card, PIN, etc.)
Complete system installation and on-site testing
Training of employees and administrators on-site
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