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Who were the Scottsboro Boys? How did they get into so much

No description

gianna labriola

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Who were the Scottsboro Boys? How did they get into so much

The Scottsboro Boys
Who were the Scottsboro Boys? How did they get into so much trouble?
The Scottsboro Boys were nine captured blacks. They got themselves into trouble by being accused of raping two white girls.
Where did the original trial take place? When?
The trial began 12 days after their arrest, in the court room of Judge A.E. Hawkins.
The trail had affected the outcome in a lot of ways because they had no one to defend them, because of the color on their skin.
What does NAACP stand for and why did they not help the Scottsboro boys?

NAACP stands for National Association for the advancement of colored people. They decided not to help the Scottsboro boys because rape was a huge charge and they were concerned about damage to its effectiveness that may result if all boys were guilty.
The Scottsbobro boys were not provided with adequate defense lawyers. List 3 ways why the defense lawyers were inadequate.
The defense lawyers demonstrated their incompetence in many ways.
R.R Bridges and John Lynch were not cross-examined at all.
Guilty verdicts in the first trial were announce while the 2nd trial was underway.

Describe the trials. Were they fair or unfair? Include 3 facts to back up your description.
The trial was very unfair because the trial was in a time where racism and segregation were a very big deal. The defense lawyers were horrible because the Scottsboro boys were African American. The defense lawyers demonstrated their incompetence in many ways. Like they didn't care if the Scottboro boys got in trouble or charged with rape because of their race.
Were the scottsbobro Boys ever pardoned of their convictions?
No, it never happened, it didn't go into their favor.
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