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Short Story Presentation

The Girl with the Green Ear

Jonathan Chung

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Short Story Presentation

The Beginning
(Introduction) Rising Action Climax Plot Plan: The Girl with the Green Ear Garfield Fortune, a successful musical man and his daughter Minnie live in the city. Their family had “musical ears.” Garfield was the conductor at the city orchestra, and conducted there every night. Everyone thought that Garfield was very lucky to have a beautiful daughter like Minnie, but in reality, Minnie was causing Garfield a lot of trouble. Garfield Fortune wanted Minnie to play the French horn because the orchestra horn player had disappeared, but Minnie refused to. After Garfield scolds Minnie for not playing an instrument, Minnie packs her things and moves out. She finds an apartment with a sign marked: For rent. No musical people allowed. She decides to move in after speaking to the landowner, Vergil. Minnie decides to dye her hair green at the barbershop, even though the shop owner says that the dye is experimental, and that no one else has tried it before. The unfocused hairdresser doesn’t notice as some of the dye drips into Minnie’s ear, dying the ear green as well. After her hair is dyed, she could hear what plants were saying. Minnie always had a green thumb, but now that she could talk to plants, she could care for them even better. Music seemed to help the plants, so she learned to play the harp, and Vergil played the French horn as “medicine” for the plants. Word quickly got out about their skills. Without Minnie, Garfield Fortune’s house plants were beginning to yellow and die. One day, he saw an advertisement that Minnie had put up, saying that she could help plants. He decides to go see the plant doctor. On the way there, a dangerous carnivorous plant escapes from the florist’s shop. It grabs him just as he approaches Minnie’s apartment, 7B. The Beginning
(Introduction) The Beginning
(Introduction) Falling Action Minnie and Vergil play a song to stop the carnivorous plant. The plant confesses that what it did was wrong, and releases Garfield. End of Story Vergil confesses that he is the missing French horn player and that he loves Minnie. Garfield asks them to play in the city orchestra, but Vergil would only do so if he could marry Minnie. Minnie and Vergil get married, and play in the city orchestra. This story is a short story because it has all the elements of a short story. These elements are: Plot Character Theme Setting/
Atmosphere MOOD Point Of View The plot: the sequence of events that take place in a story, or what happens over the course of the story. Character: the person or thing that is the main focus of the story. The character of the person/thing is usually revealed by the writer because of the limited length of the story. The theme: the central idea of the story, the lesson the author reveals through the story. Setting/atmosphere: time, place, weather, and social customs; background information that is needed for the understanding of the story. Mood: the feeling that the reader gets from the story, created by the author’s word choice and setting. Point of view: the way the story is told and the angle from which it is told. It should also have all the characteristics of a short story. They are: Short:
Under 10 000 words Few Characters Single Plot Distinct Climax One Dominant Element Conflict There are four
types of conflict. Person vs. Person Person vs. Self Person vs. Environment/Nature Person vs. Supernatural Short Stories Thank you for watching! Jonathan Chung 8-B 12/12/12 Plot in the story: The beginning of a short story introduces the characters and setting. In the story, the beginning states that the story takes place in a city, and introduces Garfield and Minnie Fortune. The rising action of a short story describes the main conflict. The rising action in the story is when Minnie moves out and gets her hair and ear dyed, giving her the power to hear plants. The climax of a short story is the point of the story with the highest amount of tension. In the story, this is when the carnivorous plant escapes. The falling action is the part where the conflict is resolved. This is when Minnie and Vergil stop the carnivorous plant from consuming Garfield. The end of the story concludes the short story. In the story, this is when the author states that Minnie and Vergil were married and that they played in the orchestra. The main character in the short story “The Girl with the Green Ear” is Minnie. The theme of this story is that everyone has a special talent, even if they don’t admit it. This story takes place throughout the city. This story gives a feeling of childish innocence. “The Girl with the Green Ear” is a third-person narrative. -Garfield Fortune
-Minnie Fortune
-Vergil The climax in this short story is when the carnivorous plant escapes from the shop and captures Garfield. The main element in this story is the plot. Although the main antagonist of the story is not Minnie, the main conflict occurs because Minnie has the ability to communicate with plants. Person vs. Self There is only one main storyline a short story follows, not multiple storylines in one. This story only has a single plot plan. END OF STORY
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