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The Sun

All about conserving the sun's energy.

Maureen Brusco

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of The Sun

The Sun Ways to conserve limit your use of your car
Insulate your home
turn off your lights Ways It Helps Us it grows our food
it causes all the weather that grows our crops
it drys our clothes it gives us energy There are not many alternate
resources that we could use instead
of the sun because most things
are powered by energy from the sun. All about ways to conserve the sun. What Would the World Be There would be no heat source, no heat to affect the weather, and all the planets that orbit the sun wouldn't have that pull and they would all move around and knock into each other and destroy themselves and all the others. Another way the sun helps us is that it gives us warmth Like With Out the Sun? Also there would be no crops for us to eat. Thank you for watching
my presentation!
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