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Blended Learning Approach

No description

Rhonda Lee

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of Blended Learning Approach

presented by
Rhonda B. Lee
Blended Learning Framework
This method of learning combines traditional classroom instruction and online education.
Blended Learning Instruction
Teacher-directed rotation-Classroom activities facilitated by an educator.

Technology instruction rotation-Instruction will include on-line materials, pre-recorded lectures, video, digital content and/or online activities.

Skills group-structured independent study/collaborative group work on a project.

Class time-usually divided into 67-90 minute block.
Examples of On-line activities

Castlelearning.com- Digital platform that provides on-line instruction where you easily administer content related questions.

I-Ready- A second digital platform that provides adaptive diagnostic and growth monitoring tools. Standards are based on personalized on-line instruction. (Teacher-led component)

Classroom interaction
Small group rotation
Teacher -Led
Flexible grouping
Social interaction
Small group discussion of literature.

Student led
Live instruction that is personalized
Meaningful digital instruction included in lessons
Differentiated instruction-
skills review

IEP goals

Specific gaps

Google slides

Use of multimedia tools
with literature instruction.
(videos, interviews, or songs
-One-on -one instruction
-More apt to ask questions.

-Diagnostic results
I-Ready Test results
-IEP goals
-Subject interests

Benjamin,Amy. Differentiated
instruction using technology: a guide for middle and High School Teachers. Watson, John. Promising Practices in On-line Learning, 2008

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