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A Street Through Time

Viking age

Dave Shilling

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of A Street Through Time

Double click anywhere & add an idea Clothes
Kirtle-top. (would indicate wealth)
Short breeks(trousers)
Breaks-hose(long or short trousers
Cloaks (hooded or non hooded) Transport
THe Vikings mainly travelled by foot or boat.
(The ships were long and wooden so they cut through the water at high speeds)

Famer(plowing,growing veg)
Fighting for your tribe

Life Style
They were agrerssive and powerful people
They loved treasures. They got them by fighting other tribes and stealing from them Houses
Most houses were wodden and had thatched roofs

The chiefs hall was mde out of wood
the church was made out of stone this shows that vikings where very religuse.
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