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Colombia prezi

No description

emily cronin

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Colombia prezi

prezi project by: Emily Cronin Colombia Where is Colombia? Colombia is a country in South America. Colombia's flag is
yellow on the top,
blue in the middle,
and red on the
bottom. Colombia's Flag Colombia's offical language Colombia's Population Spanish Colombia's offical language is
Spanish. Spanish is a language
that comes from Spain. You
would want to learn Spanish
if you plan to visit Colombia. Colombia has about 45,745,783 people
(July 2013 estimate). That is about 46
million people! Colombia's imported and exported products Colombia's capital is Bogota. Colombia imports sugar and bananas. Colombia exports lots of coffee, roses, and Colombia also supplies emeralds. Colombia's currency used Colombia uses money called
peso. They can be coins or
paper money. million people! Government Colombia won its independence from Spain on
July 20th, 1810.
Colombia calls their government "Republica de Colombia",
or the "Republic of Colombia".
They have a Republic Government. Celebrating
day! people Most people who live in Colombia are Roman Catholic.
The population is 45,239,079 (July 2012 est.)! Colombia's
at night. Education Children in Colombia, ages 6-12 , go to primary school.
This school is free. Children ages 12-16 go to secondary school. After secondary school is University. University takes 5 years. Food Colombian food includes coconut rice, that is white rice with coconut milk.
Another food is corn arepa, made from corn flour.
A famous Colombian food is empanadas. Yum! Empanadas! Land and climate Colombia's climate depends on the regions. Colombia's tropical zone is 75-81 degrees fahrenheit. Colombia's cold country is about 55 degrees fahrenheit. History 3,000 B.C- Native
People build villages along
Colombia's coast. 1863- Becomes known as The United States of Colombia. 1899-1903- Colombia battles in a war called the War of a Thousand Days. Panama declares its independence from Colombia with help from the U.S.A. Colombia! Music and Holidays Celebrated Colombia celebrates their independence from Spain on July 20th, 1810. They call it 'Independence Day'. Colombia celebrates this holiday every July 20th. The Battle of Boyaca Day is celebrated on August 7th. Famous People from Colombia A well-known Colombian celebrity is Shakira. She is a singer, songwriter,and dancer. She is now one of the judges on the TV show, "The Voice". Shakira on "The Voice". Famous landmarks A famous landmark in Colombia is the Banco de la Republica, which is a famous exhibit hall that has alot of sculptures and paintings.Another famous Colombian landmark is The Coffee Triangle, which has alot of coffee plantations. The coffee triangle banco de la republica
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