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Tangerine analytical essay

No description

Isabella Liska

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Tangerine analytical essay

In the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor the main character, Paul Fisher, is constantly facing decisions, and right when he thinks he know whats right someone does something to change his mind. Can others actions change our thinking? Most importantly, Paul's family made the biggest choice, to lie to Paul. Analytical essay At first, Tino, Victor and the rest of their crew just merely scared Paul but it doesn't take long for them to leave and impact on him. His parents, without knowing it gave Paul all their attention and when they tried to help Paul they were really helping Erik, for instance, "We wanted to find a way to keep you from hating your brother."At that point Paul was just feed up, with lies, with excuses, and he was going to start standing up, “So you figured it would be better if I just hated myself?” Although on the outside the Tangerine M.S student seem gangster and tough, once you get to know them they're nice, so they do what they do for good reasons. Unlike Paul both Tino and Victor had the courage to stand up to Erik, If they could do it so could Paul and that's exactly what he did when his time came. In addition, there were others that Paul barely new who's word inspired him. Because of Antoine Thomas's words, "It's time to start telling the truth, little brother. Don't spend your life hiding under the bleachers, little brother. The truth shall set you free," Paul was able to do something he never would have done on his own, at least not for a long time, face his fears and do what's right. by Izzy liska IN conclusion bla bla bla
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