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Flight Engineer

No description

justin dossey

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Flight Engineer

Is there a demand for Flight Engineers
in the future?
According to The U.S Bureau of Labor job growth of Pilots, Co-Pilots, and Flight Engineers would decrease by 7% because most new aircrafts only require a Pilot and Co-Pilot.
What is a
Flight Engineers
main job?
A Flight Engineer makes sure the plane is working properly and running well both before and during the flight.
Working conditions of a Flight Engineer
The working conditions of a flight engineer can be very hot because they are in the belly of the plane.
Flight Engineers
A look at a
Flight Engineers
Starting Level Flight Engineer: $65,420
Junior Flight Engineer: $88,540
Experienced Level Flight Engineer: $115,190
Senior Level Flight Engineer: $156,970
by Justin Dossey
What does a
Flight Engineer
What type of education does a
Flight Engineer
Thanks For watching
What is one invention Flight Engineers
One of the inventions of Flight Engineers was the components of the airplane, like the altitude component.
A Flight Engineer is a crew member who makes sure that all the components are working properly for and if needed the Flight Engineer will fix the plane. This can be done mid flight.
What area of technology does a Flight Engineers career involve?
A Flight Engineers career involves in Transportation Technology.
The required education for a Flight Engineer is a Bachelors Degree. many aspiring flight engineers and pilots major in aviation or aeronautic studies
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