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Robin Hood

policy case analysis

Tiffany Mosley

on 29 July 2010

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Transcript of Robin Hood

Double click anywhere & add an idea Robin Hood 1.Perform a SWOT analysis on Robin Hood Inc. 2. what is Robin hood's Mission? His Vision? do Robin Hood and the Merry men need a new mission? 3. what generic strategy does robin hood utilize? what supporting strategies are used?
5. what strategic issues does robin hood face? 6. what strategic options does robin hood have? what are the pros and cons of each alternative? which alternatives are best? 7. recommend a strategy and specific implementation steps to execute the strategy. Robert cook roxana gonzalez tiffany mosley crystal padilla diana simpler 4. assess robin hood's performance using the 8 areas of strategy execution. how would you rate his performance in each area? Strengths Strength in numbers
Robin Hood was the supreme Leader
Designated lieutenants to carry out tasks
Willing to change policies
Potential alliance to save King Richard
Weaknesses No criteria to join the fight against the Sheriff
Robin Hood didn't know half of the men he encountered
He didn't know how to discipline
unable to manage finances during expansion
Taxing his allies
Putting things off until tomorrow Opportunities New and better recruits could help them
Having someone follow the Sheriff's moves could help Robin Hood in gaining better perspective
"Killing the Sheriff"
Captialize on Prince John's constant fear and unpopularity
Future amnesty Threats Fame of the Merrymen was spreading
Vigilance over the Sheriff was seriously lacking
Dwindling financial resources
Prince John (allied with the Sheriff) His Mission: To create a disciplined band of Merrymen, whose insurrection pursues justice in the form of fair taxation and representation by implementing a governing body that acquires and manages resources efficiently for all constituents within the Sherwood Forest.

Vision: We will ultimately reinstate King Richard to the position of prince, ensuring amnesty for Robin Hood and all his followers. Generic (Focused Differentiation) – service appeals to unique preferences of narrow, well defined group: people who want King Richard back and men with grievances Supporting (Strategic Alliance, Outsourcing) – alliances with men with grievances and townspeople. Outsourcing of intelligence, discipline, financing, and provisioning Building an Organizaion Capable of Good Strategy Execution

+ Small group of “upper management”
+ No requirements
Building Competencies and Capabilities
+ Poor set of competencies and capabilities
+ Rebuild or build new ones
+ Insufficent structure throughout the organization

How to control the increasing size of the band?
What kind of methods should Robin Hood use to reinforce vigilance and order among the band?
What to do to supply enough food capacity?
The cost of buying food was draining the financial reserves of the band and revenues were in decline. What venues Robin Hood opt for?
Robin Hood’s ideas to change the Merrymen’s policy of outright confiscation of goods to one of a fix transit tax result in resistance on the part of his Lieutenants. How should Robin Hood persuade them to accept that?

Options pros cons rob the rich give to the poor
conspire with the barons
convince the merryman to pay taxes

Rob the rich give to the poor
Its no longer working
Conspire with the barons
Merrymen paying taxes
negative reaction by Merrymen

best alternative Robin should use two of the three options
he should conspire with the barons and tax his Merrymen He should mandate a light tax on his Merrymen and as they build their organization, conspire with the barons to free King Richard
Collect taxes
Screen applicants
Include outside help
Encourage the Merrymen
Act as a leader

Instilling a Corporate Structure
Current culture is chaos
No true loyalty
Exercising Strong Leadership

Robin Hood is the main leader
Makes decisions for the organization
No true strategy or plans leading decision
making process
Marshalling Resources

Able to allocate resources well in the beginning
Organization grew but resources did not.
Use of resources is out of control
Possibly expand operations into other geographical areas
Policies and Procedures

No clear policies or procedures to make organization profitable
Procedures end with planning a “raid” or attack
No clear mention of how to initiate, execute, how profits are divided etc.
Only true policy “Rob the rich, give to the poor”

Adopting Best Practices

Does not appear to have an organization to adopt best practices from
Could adopt best practices from the Sherrif
Could also adopt practices from military organiztions (the kings army)
Information and Operating Systems

No normal information or operating systems given case time frame
Develop an “information network” if expanding geographically.
Tying Rewards

Merrymen currently monetarily rewarded
No clear measurement of rewards to performance
No form of punishment
No tell of non monetary rewards
Rob the Rich give to the poor
originally worked in the begininng
Conspire with the barons
more of a possibility of freeing King Richard
Convince the Merrymen to pay taxes
adequate funds to disperse
Could Robin Hood find out what were the reasons why the Merrymen wanted to continue with the old policy?
How to command his band to go on the offense/defense knowing that the Sheriff was becoming stronger and better organized?
What other resources can Robin Hood utilize to counteract the Sheriff‘s strong political connections?
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