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Internet - Extranet 2.0 @ PAHO

Report Presentation

Guilherme Schmidt

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Internet - Extranet 2.0 @ PAHO

Portal work processes activities user communities to improve access workflow sharing of content within across
units PAHO PAHO responsability to create interaction between collaboration ontent management service developmen 2 proposals Portal and Wireframe local portals local information move towards
Web 2.0 technologies mashups GOAL build
service oriented
architecture Portal based on PAHO
information architecture Why to share the
development? create user experience;
awareness of;
familiarity with
site. WIREFRAME define basic layout,
placement of content
and basic elements
Search features and
Information Architecture How do Web Search
Engines work? storing information about
web pages retrieved from local
repositories by a webcrawler = automated web browser
which follows every link
it sees = quickly identify any
necessary information
regarding different
aspects to have successful services built with first level concepts
defined by the information
architecture Business information units "the practice of expressing a model or concept of information used in activities that require explicit details of complex systems." SCOPES and DELIVERABLES Intranet initiatives review at PAHO Project Plan (2 phases) Determining concepts for a
future program 1 2 3 briefings interviews meetings PAHO stakeholders ITS KMC 2 short project plans A report Project team rolls Methodology Service Architecture Functionality
and services Knowledge Organization
Systems Integration features and
Data HUB servers as
providers Rules
server Directory
and Security Portal component
server Object Library Metadata
Repository Personalization
server Business
Analytics Collaboration
and Communities Content
Management Learning and
Communication Presentation Visual
experience flexible intuitive asy navigation Define Banner Menus Personalization Model Content: Page tabs Page Window WIREFRAME WORKSHOP 1. Defining Wireframe
and Information Maps

2. Using Wireframing Web
Collaboration Tools

3. Defining necessary mobile
web interface

4. Defining special
Intranet-Extranet 2.0 channels "all types of schemes for organizing
information and creating relationship
to promote content management" rapid recognition improve semantics term lists classifications
categories relationship
lists index
structures Incorporate: Business Applications Information Management Methods Data Management Tools Using Social Media Project Blog feedback central point of publishing daily updates content alerts / aggregation first 4 weeks = 100 followers first level concepts defined
by the information architecture "the practice of expressing a
model or concept of information
used in activities that require
explicit details of complex systems" Content Management
Systems Web
development User
interactions Database
development Technical
writing programming Enterprise
Architecture Critical System
Software Design Consultative Procedures Develop the Program Plan 3 days brainstorming workshop Top Level Requirements Fundamental features Common features Executive Roundtable Regular Workshop of
New Technologies coolaborate technology information communication taxonomy organize 2.0 social media control development plan portal methodology data project network
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