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Delia Borrego

on 12 December 2015

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Transcript of MALEFICENT

hummingbird - dying - usher - spell - scorned - awaken - betrays - revenge - land -winged - reverse - secret - asleep - successor - spindle

In this new take on the classic Sleeping Beauty story, Maleficent, a beautiful ________ (1) fairy falls in love with a human who ultimately ___________ (2) Maleficent's love and trust of him by cutting off her wings while she is __________ (3) so that he may present them to a _________ (4) King in order to be named ___________ (5) to the throne. Scorned by love, Maleficent seeks __________ (6) by casting an irreversible evil _________ (7) on the newly crowned King's first born child, Aurora. In fear that the spell will come true, the new King sends his newborn child away to a __________ (8) country cottage hidden deep within the woods to be watched over by a trio of three ____________ (9) sized fairies, Flittle, Knotgrass and Thistletwit. As Aurora grows in age, the now _____________ (10) fairy Maleficent becomes very fond of the adorable little girl and decides to __________ (11) the curse. However the curse is irreversible. Destined to prick her finger on a _________ (12) wheel needle and fall into a deep sleep forevermore Aurora prematurely returns to her father and his castle. Pricking her finger on the _________ (12) wheel, Aurora falls into her deep sleep awaiting her "prince charming". Eventually ____________ (13) by a kiss of love, Aurora helps to ___________ (14) in a new day of peace in the fantasy ___________ (15).
1. USHER IN a. matar
2. SCORN b. otorgar
3. PRICK c. florecer
4. HIDE d. rodear
5. REVENGE e. restablecer
6. SEEK f. quemar
7. REVERSE g. pinchar
8. SWOOP DOWN h. buscar
9. BLOSOM i. vengar
10. BURN j. dar lugar a
11. SLAY k. echar
12. SURROUND l. despreciar
13. RESTORE m. esconder
14. CAST n. reirse nerviosamente
15. GIGGLE o. invalidar
16. BESTOW p. bajar en picado
17. BETRAY q. traicionar
1. DYING a. recién nacido
2. ASLEEP b. alado
3. NEWBORN c. agonizante
4. SCORNED d. dormido
5. WINGED e. despreciado
2. Diaval overhears in his raven form and reports back to Maleficent to tell her that Stefan and Leila have welcomed a baby girl. They hold a christening for the little Princess Aurora.
3. On the day of Aurora's birthday, the princess grows restless and has a discomfort on her finger.
4. Maleficent has found peace in her heart and undoes the dark magic in the Moors, restoring it to its former beauty.

What scene did you like the most?

Think of 5 questions about the movie

What fantasy is there in the film?

What's your opinion about the movie?
1. SPELL a. cuerno
2. SUCCESSOR b. bautizo
3. COTTAGE c. reino
4. WING d. madrina
5. NEEDLE e. hechizo
6. HUMMINGBIRD f. avaricia
7. CURSE g. páramo
8. MOOR h. ala
9. TRUST i. colibrí
10. FAIRY = PIXIE j. amistad
11. LAND k. aguja
12. RAVEN l. espina
13. KINGDOM m. hada
14. GREED n. sucesor
15. HORN o. regalo
16. FRIENDSHIP p. calabozo
17. CHRISTENING q. tierra
18. THORN r. confianza
19. GODMOTHER s. maleficio
20. DUNGEON t. cabaña
21. SHIELD u. cuervo
22. GIFT v. escudo
23. SPINDLE w. huso
1. Stefan goes back into the Moors at night to seek out Maleficent.
I’ll start with the acting performances. Angelina Jolie is simply remarkable! From the costume to her make-up and on point acting, Angelina Jolie is magnificent. Sharlto Copley (King Stefan) also does a wonderful job; the range of emotions betrayed are believable and consistent. As for Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning), I would say she gives mediocre performance, and it leaves a lot be desired. I understand that Jolie is a powerhouse, but unfortunately Fanning doesn’t hold her own. The cinematography, art direction and writing are very sound.

As for offensive material, there isn’t much. There is fantasy witchcraft, spells and magic, which is expected considering the source material. Another aspect is the violence, there are some battle scenes that are moderate.

The film deals with vengeance. And shows what holding on to such negative and sinister thoughts can do to one’s own heart.
Bruno Bettelheim

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