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No description

Alysha Irvine

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Undertale

There is a bunch of characters throughout the game and most of them will actually show more personality than anything else probably will in the first hour.
Everyone lives, but the ending is still sad.
The Genocide Run
is also known for the infamous Sans fight.
Everyone agrees that Sans is scary and this
fight is one of the reasons why.
Sans Battle
Undertale is an 8-bit game about a human that climbs a mountain and ends up falling into the world of monsters, where everything either seeks to want to help them, or kill them.
This is Toriel.
Otherwise known
as Goat Mom.
This is Flowey, the flower. He isn't actually a flower, but that's not relevant.
It's a choice-based game where you can either spare everything or
kill everything. Either way, both ends are pretty sad.
This is Sans, the first
character you meet
after Toriel. He mainly
just sits around and
tells bad puns all
day, but he's actually
the scariest character
in the game. Don't kill
his brother and you'll
be fine.
This is Papyrus,
Sans's younger
brother. He doesn't
cook very good
spagetti but we love
him anyway. No one
was prepared for
him in the Genocide
This is Undyne,
the captain of
the Royal
She will throw
spears at you.
This is Alphys,
the Royal
Scientist. She
is anime trash.
She's also really
in love with
Undyne, it's
This is Mettaton. He's a robot
TV star that isn't actually a
robot but a ghost put inside
a robotic body.
The game makes it
very clear that
he is fabulous.
Everyone dies, but more of the story is revealed. If you played the Pacifist Route before, this run will haunt you
He can only do 1 damage, but he will destroy
you in the first turn if you're not
If you try to spare him he will violently throw it back in your face.
He's self-aware of the game's
mechanics. If you so much as pause game he
will know.
We still have no idea who he is, but were all pretty sure he's a time cop.
He's depressed
and everyone
knows it.
You can kill him but half of
the fandom is convinced he's not actually dead.
You won't be
prepared for it
Genocide run aside, the Pacifist run is also deeply loved.
The Pacifist run is the more light-hearted part of the game, and where the main story of Undertale is.
This is Asriel. He used to be the prince of
monsters, until
he was killed returning the first human to their village.
It is revealed in the true
Pacifist route that Flowey
is actually Asriel. This happened after Asriel returned to the kingdom and died, where his dust was spread among the
flowers. Alphys was the one who brought Flowey to life.
Same person
The first child was known as Chara, and died a long time ago from a disease. Their death soon lead to Asriel's, which began the war between humans and monsters.
Chara is basically the reason for the Genocide Run. The fandom is pretty sure their a demon, this child is terrifying.
There is also a part in the game where you are introduced to the 'True Lab' underneath Alphys's laboratory in Hotland, which belonged the previous Royal Scientist.
This is where you first learn of Asriel and Chara through a bunch of video tapes that Alphys has.
The concept of 'Determination' is also explained as being what makes humans so powerful. Alphys previously used it to try and make monster souls keep living after death, and eventually used it to bring Flowey to life.
Mysteries of
Other than the storyline and the characters, Undertale is well known for the many mysteries that are left unexplained. Most of them revolve around the true lab.
These entries in the True Lab appear not to be written by Alphys. Some of the sentences start in lower case letters - like how Sans always talks.
Sans has a workshop in the garage of his and Papyrus's house. No one knows why he has it other than there being a photo album of 'people you don't recognize', a badge, blueprints in another language, and a broken machine.
W.D "Wing Ding" Gaster
W.D Gaster is one of the biggest mysteries of Undertale, and is more a theory than anything.
W.D Gaster, or 'the Grey Man', was the original Royal Scientist before Alphys, and was said to have disappeared without a trace.
No one actually knows if Gaster exists or not, considering you have to mess around with the game's files in order to find him.
There had been many theories around the internet that circulate around who exactly W.D. Gaster is, and what the story circulating around him means.
One of the most popular theories is that he is Sans' and Papyrus' father, which can be backed up by the story of the skeleton brothers just 'showing up one day in Snowdin and asserting themselves'.
No matter where you go in Undertale, no one seems to know Gaster's name, aside from him being the Royal Scientist. It is said by one of the 'Grey' Characters that you encounter after messing with the game's files that he is scattered through time and space.
Gaster is referred to multiple times throught the game, but his name is never spoken. He is always referred to as the 'previous Royal Scientist'.
However, the Riverperson - who seems to be aware of Gaster - refers to him as the "man who speaks in hands" or the "man who came from the other world".
Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, has so far said nothing about the confirmation of Gaster's existence. It would almost be safe to say that Gaster doesn't actually exist, and that he is simply an Easter Egg hidden in the game's files.
However, the most recent update of the game states otherwise.
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