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What is Plagiarism, Fair use, Paraphrasing

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destiny zayas

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of What is Plagiarism, Fair use, Paraphrasing

What is

Plagiarism, Fair use, Paraphrasing?
Destiny Zayas &Tiana Cintron Rm 311

Fact 1.) Plagiarism is a growing problem in schools, colleges, and universities alike.
Fact 2.) 66 percent of 16,000 students from 31 amazing universities in America use
Example: If your writing a paper on Chihuahuas and you wrote "Today's Chihuahuas are smaller in size than they were in Te chichis" and not give credit to the writer that would be
Fair Use
Topic Sentence
Fair Use purpose and facts
Topic Sentence
Paraphrasing helps you understand things better.
Topic Sentence
Plagiarism is against the law.
Fact 1.) The main purpose of Fair Use is to edit or publish a piece of writing.
Fact 2.) People like Fair Use because it's like copyright but you don't need permission.
Fact 3.) Fair use also helps people that are new to copyright and it gets you ready to use copyright.
Fact 1.) Paraphrasing is a way to avoid Plagiarism and not copy any bodies work.
Fact 2.) Paraphrasing is a good source for kids to get more ideas and help them understand things better.
Fact 3.) Paraphrasing is when you re-write something in your own words and with your own ideas.
Fair Use
In conclusion all three of these topics Plagiarism, Fair Use, and Paraphrasing help us to write our original work with help from others work.
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