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No description

Andrea Martinez Russi

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Barbie

After analyzing the data from 2009 through 2014 of sales of Veterinary Barbie in millions of dollars and using different methods for forecasting,
linear regression method
was chosen because it represents the trend that better describes the sequence of data.
It is forecast that the Veterinary Barbie demand in 2015 will be
735 million of dollars
. The value of the correlation coefficient indicates that there is a positive but not significant relation between the two variables (Sales and Time), which means that as time passes Veterinary Barbie sales increase slightly. The Time variable explains in 5.3% the variation of Sales.

“My whole philosophy of Barbie was that through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be. Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices.”
Ruth and Elliot Handler founded Mattel Creations in 1945, and 14 years later, Ruth Handler gave the world the Barbie doll.
high arched brows
sideway glance
pale skin
blonde locks
pursed red lips
bubble-cut hairstyle
high fashion figure
narrow waist
narrow hips
curly bangs
chic, stylish look
long slim legs
soft looking eye makeup
Malibu Barbie made everyone "wish they all could be California girls..."
quintessential pink sunglasses
new face sculpt
open smile
pearly white teeth
sparkling blue eyes
faced-forward eyes
fuller hair
blue eye shadow
brightly painted eyes
pale pink lip gloss
glittering disco glam look
Mady Andrea Martínez
María Victoria Martínez Daza
MTV debuts and forever changes the music industry
big hair
totally bold an excessive style
delicate face
large, round eyes
pale skin
long, sun streaked hair
Ultra-glam lifestyle
long and loose two-toned blonde hair
bendable, flexible waist
even bigger hair
street-fashion look
teased bangs and perms
hipster slim pants
new, more athletic physique
her first belly button
Thank you.
¡Barbie® is in more than 45 consumer product categories!
¡Help Barbie select her next career!
MPS codes
Coming up next, are shown the proposed codes for the main and secondary parts of the product:
¿How made it?
List five models that have been an inspiration for Barbie design.
How was the creator of Barbie? What was her inspiration? What's the real name of Barbie?
One Barbie doll is sold every 3 seconds somewhere in the world
Barbie® dolls are sold in 150 countries
Barbie remains the world’s most popular doll and a powerhouse brand among girls of all ages
¡Barbie® represents more than 40 different nationalities!
Barbie® collaborates with more than 75 different fashion designers
¡More than 150 careers on her resume!
Once the forecast of veterinary Barbie sales for the period of 2015 was determined, the inventory model that was used is the
Economic Production Quantity Model
The optimal number of units of the product to order is 4328 Veterinary Barbies, with a production time of 52 days and a maximum inventory level of 1134 units, where the orders placed in a year are 4, for a total cost of 140.470 dollars.


It is recommended to evaluate different suppliers of raw material in order to reduce the costs of ordering and likewise create an indicator that value the cost per unit stored. By other side, current raw materials must be replaced by other raw materials with a lower unit cost, and the activities of dressing and combing must be automated.
In addition, it is recommended to think about a project for having multiple Veterinary Barbie factories in different countries to reduce the cost of freight and import, reducing the unit cost.

As demand of Veterinary Barbie is not growing fast, it is recommended to maintain a low level of inventory to reduce costs while the different strategies to increase the demand that were mentioned above are developed and implemented.

Since the forecast indicates that the increase of Veterinary Barbie demand during the next periods won’t be significant, new clothes and innovation in pets’ designs must be done, in order to attract the attention of new clients. In addition, it is recommended to perform market research to determine the punctual features that the customers expect from the product, in order to restructure the design proposals and get a totally new image of the product presentation. It is relevant to keep in mind that, as the main customer of the product is represented by girls, the product, but the doll accessories above all, must be safe and enjoyable for them.
We propose the use of indicators to improve supply chain management. These indicators must evaluate and integrate the goals and strategies of the company. By other side, indicators should control and evaluate every aspect that the company undertakes for to achieve customer satisfaction and excellent flow of information, integrating strategies.
Creating an intimate communication between the customer and the company allows us to evaluate the target market and exceed customer expectations. In addition, it is recommended to run promotions in order to show the customer the characteristics, advantages and innovations of the product.
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